Everywhere You Look

You’ve built a brand

You’ve got to keep it strong

Got to keep it strong

Remember basic needs

Keep it strong, strong


When you walk in the room,
the air grows so cold

I imagine with horror
the things you might do

Thought this would be
so nice and easy

Yet here we are now
all dangerous and lonely


Nights never end
Love is everywhere you look
Turn your head to the right
What bitter, old feelings?

You’re not words, you’re music
This love? This is music
Sweeter in the end
Turn your head to the right

Nights never end
Love is everywhere you look
You want to be the one
Everywhere you look

Everywhere You Look

Robuts Now!

Lotsa peoples
Making robuts
Lotsa peoples
Making robuts now

Talking talking
Taking taking
Working working
Making robuts now

Not a short life
When you’re software
Rendered useless
Then a nuisance

Pigs a’slaughter
Breath’s a business
Raising ventures
Making robuts now

Stitch some sources
God the GUI
Ads are people
Way to like ‘em now

What’s the idea
Whose disrupting
Whats the issue
Making robuts now

Empty gauges
Code is culture
Some late stages
Making robuts now

Robuts Now!

Randomly-Generated Inspirations*

For some people, getting by in life is easy. For others, getting by in life is life.

We are not stagnant rivers entering new waterfalls.

If you ask a man who he has spent his life fighting, that man will fight you.

We all have different beliefs. Choose your beliefs with war and horseradish.

The toughest thing about being single is that the days spent alone are made up of hours spent alone.

The most difficult thing in life is to shut up.

Fire and gunpowder blow up everything they pass and the entire universe knows they’re good everywhere.

What man can do for others, even without money, is to genuinely wish.

The greatest enemy to success is a person that does not know how to properly use their tools.

Forget about being yourself. For once, be more like them.

*randomly-generated using GPT-2 trained by 1,000s of inspirational quotes, slightly tweaked by me to improve readability

Randomly-Generated Inspirations*

The Hunt

Let me know 
what you think
about my new
video game idea:

It’s a 4-D action/adventure, socio-politico, platformer
set in a randomly-iterated universe using a believable physics engine.

You play
as a butterfly
who wants to retire
to its plush room
every night, and spend
those nights
in deep thought
about how
to make its room
more cozy.

The room has a library
and dungeons and
a swimming pool
filled with bumblebees.

Every morning
the player decides
what the butterfly needs
to say
to face
the day.

After the player chooses
the morning affirmation,
the player
molds the world
into magical items
to sell
at the witch market.

I call the game The Hunt because
as play progresses
the player
comes to realize
that the grim reaper
is chasing a bounty
on the butterfly’s
tiny, antennaed head.

The player
will never
who placed
the bounty.

The Hunt has one mode:
Player vs. Death.

The butterfly
has many powers
that impact
the game universe
the player
must hold
out hope
for excitement
and adventure
and mystery
and surprise
and terror,
always terror.
The Hunt

Under a Magic Sky

I'm running to the edge of the world.
Me and the flat-earthers.

We’re wandering through hazy, summertime showers.
We’re looking for conspirator’s gold at the end of the rainbow.

I need a magic sky.
Me and the flat-earthers.

I need a firmament of painted glass and persecution.
I need a magic sky where I can really see the light.

We are waiting for you at the edge of the world.
Me and the flat-earthers.

We are waiting for your breaking point.
You’ll just have to trust us.

It’ll happen to you.
And then you’ll learn the meaning of goodbye.
Under a Magic Sky

Apparent Magnitude

The night you finally left

The stars blinked off and on

Then all the windows closed at once 

 In our house upon the hill

.*.. *** …* . ……. *.** *** ..*

Now, when I think 

I hear you knocking

I know it’s just the heat

of my blue blood pounding pounding

pounding in my head

.*.. *** …* . ……. *.** *** ..*

Now, when I think

I feel you here it scares me

And the stars, 

They’re back to haunt me

Vicious light I can’t escape

I see them when I close my eyes

.*.. *** …* . ……. *.** *** ..*

And the windows

God, the windows

The windows won’t betray me

They won’t open

They won’t budge

They won’t let any fresh air in

But the light, oh the starlight

The light they cannot hide

Apparent Magnitude

Greetings you have been gifted $5 MILLION USD From Mr. Bill Gates. Reply me for your claim.

You have been gifted 5 million dollars from a tech entrepreneur.
You feel as though all your dreams will now come true.
You reply him for your claim.
“Hello,” you say. “I am calling to claim you my 5 million dollars.”
“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Bill Gates says in a distinctly Seattleite accent. “My brother died in a car accident last week. He was driving his limousine when it crashed into a tree.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” you offer with a heavy heart.
Bill Gates’ mystery brother dead!
“It cost 5 million dollars USD to pay for his funeral. So now I am in need of your help. Will you help me?”
You sit in your kitchen in quiet awe.
A split watermelon attracts a housefly.
This famous, wealthy stranger needs your assistance.
You ask, “What type of help do you need?”
Mr. Gates replies, “I need 1,000 USD ASAP.”
You respond in disbelief, “Bill Gates! You need 1,000 USD?”
Bill Gates exclaims, “How untrusting you are! I was set to bestow 5 million dollars upon you, yet you question whether or not to gift me 1,000 USD, preferably wired to this Turkish bank account.”
You say, “It’s just that you sounded so desperate.”
Bill Gates laughs.
You laugh.
Gifts and goodwill toward all are awesome.

Greetings you have been gifted $5 MILLION USD From Mr. Bill Gates. Reply me for your claim.