Yo, Dode

I still think about you every day.
Yesterday, the first thing the kids wanted to show me when I walked through the door was a game they invented using some toys. You had to flip some coins, each toy had a power (like the “Blaze of Doom”), some had “force shield” powers. It was pretty advanced. You’d have been amused and proud.
We got to spend Friday evening with your wife and son. I took him around T-Rex and we made friends with some fishes. He’s cute, inquisitive, and every day I see more and more of the best of you and Jes come through him. I’m glad they’re close by.
I miss you.
Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson keep writing shitty Dune books. If there is anyway you can talk to Frank and have him ask them to stop it, that’d be swell for those of us still here suffering through.
A lot seems the same but it’s not the same without you around.

Yo, Dode