We love the Netflix.
If any of you beautiful people out there love the Netflix too, and would like to have some friends on your list, send an email to jason(dot)preu(at)gmail(dot)com. Let’s share the movie love. Scoville and I have been trading recommends for the past year now and if I’m not mistaken, he’s got a few Tarkovsky flicks in his queue at my insistence. And we have a ton of Asian films in our queue thanks to his many suggestions.
Anyway, just wanted to put it out there. I’m gonna go eat a bratwurst.


Enjoy your last day in Kansas City, Dotys.

You may substitute the word “Dodes” for “Girl” in the farewell message provided below:

You may not, however, substitute the cuffed pants or skull-and-crossbones headbands for any other items of clothing.

Who knew Milli Vanilli were painters as well as inimitable lip-syncists? (Pay close attention at the 3:45 minute-mark.)

Drive safe, you two! Say hi to Tom Robbins for me.

Enjoy your last day in Kansas City, Dotys.

Sad state of KCMO School District (as if you didn’t already know)

My cousin took a job teaching at Central High School at the start of the current school year. He recently quit. When I asked him what happened he replied:

nothing “happened” really. i just hated it. it’s the worst run place you can imagine. i worked there for almost a month and never got a contract. the first week of school, i didn’t have enough desks. it’s was total clusterf*ck and is run by imbeciles. and the kids, while not “bad”, are totally out of control. they literally will not shut up for 1 minute. there are a handful of good ones but the out of control ones are so unmanagable that it’s miserable for everyone. my “best friend” there was this woman who’s worked there for 17 years and when i told her my decision she said, “i hate to see you go, but you made the right decision. you don’t want to work for these people (the district) and you don’t want to have to become the kind of person/teacher that being here requires you to be…”

that pisses me off and i don’t even live in KCMO.

Sad state of KCMO School District (as if you didn’t already know)

Sometimes you go away on paternity leave and you come back with a gang of work to do

Which I’ve finally caught up on so I’m taking a hot minute to say, “What up, yo?” and to tell you what I did whilst on paternity leave:

1 – Held my son while gently smacking his bum.
2 – Watched Star Trek.
3 – Feed my son.
4 – Watched Star Trek: The Next Generation.
5 – Changed my son’s diapers.
6 – Watched Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

And truly, folks, that’s about it. Caring for an infant requires 99% of one’s attention. And I made sure to nap when he did, otherwise I’d have been more fried than I was. The experience was something I’d recommend for new dads. It wasn’t what I’d call fun, but it was enjoyable and probably the most rewarding two weeks of work I’ve ever done. I came to know what Roman’s different cries and noises and faces signified. I got to hold him close for 7 to 8 hours a day. And I got to make him laugh at me while we both listened to the Old School rap station on Sirius and I rapped along.

So what else went down the past two weeks? Well, we got the new g-ride. We traded Time Warner for Dish Network. Awesome move. Dish has The Documentary Channel which plays pretty much non-stop at our house now. Dish also has IMF (the International Music Feed, on which we can peep out interesting Japanese bands) and 20 or so Sirius channels. We got a land line, which neither of us have had in…3 years…?…We missed the Xiu Xiu show last Sunday. My allergies kicked into high gear. I spent the entire last day of paternity leave in my pajamas.

Now, I must visit the UU toilet.

Sometimes you go away on paternity leave and you come back with a gang of work to do