There are many, many things

going on in the world now that one should be aware of.

Somehow none of those things matter to me as much as this:



more air

that's my boy


There are many, many things

I never thought I’d live

to have a job that actually kept me busy throughout the day. I know it’s only week 2 and I’m still getting my learn on…and after I settle in a bit perhaps the day will free up a bit…still, it’s kinda cool (albeit a world of change) to not actually be in front of my computer all day.

I get some real cool tools through my new job, too. Cool toys like a widescreen, dual-core, Dell laptop with 2GB of RAM. Cool toys like a VX6700. (Click the link, I don’t want to spoil your surprise.) And I get to play with all sorts of other geeky shit. So, all in all, it’s good so far.

I never thought I’d live


Simpsons fans…lose half your day in this:

Well, between the new job and the second job I don’t have a whole lotta time to mess around so I’ll take this moment at 6:23 on a Sunday morning to say, “yo.”
Now I gotta go eat breakfast then get to work.