A secret is not

Necessarily a mystery

And a mystery is not

Necessarily a problem

And a problem is not

Necessarily an obstacle

And an obstacle is not

Necessarily a tragedy

And a tragedy is not

Necessarily a sadness

And a sadness is not

Necessarily a lover

And a lover is not

Necessarily a necessity

And a necessity is not

Necessarily a secret

So shhh, shhhhhhhh

Kiss me, just kiss me


Good For

This poem's gonna make you do the watusi
This poem's gonna make you piss in the jacuzzi
This poem's gonna make you drop down in a fit
This poem's gonna make you feel like stir-fried shit
This poem's gonna make your bones brittle and cold
This poem's gonna make you feel 98 years old
This poem's gonna tell everyone all your dirty thoughts
This poem's gonna know for how much you can be bought
This poem's a maverick, gun-toting psychopath
This poem's a queer ghost full of grey wrath
This poem's American as apple-flavored pie
This poem's a blue and a black and a purple-pink eye
This poem's a kick in the pearly white teeth
This poem's a bastard, a bitch, and a queef
This poem's gonna stop rhyming on the next line and
this poem's gonna toss and turn at night thinking about you and
this poem’s gonna wonder how to make it work and buy two tickets to paradise and sneak you out of the house, through the garden, past the guards, and you and this poem are gonna run away together into the moonlit prairie and get lost in the tall grass and call each other by secret names and fall to the dirt laughing and drift off to sleep gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and wake up with smiles because that's what
poetry is good for,
if anything at all.
Good For