Liquor Run

It’s time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun
It’s time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun

Well it’s Friday night and I just clocked out
Pay-check in my hand so you know what I’m about
Throw the truck in reverse then I throw it to first
Peelin’ out the parking lot ‘cause I gotta quench my thirst

It’s time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun
Time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun

Now I been out in the field all day
and you been cleaning your life away
What we both need is couple of drinks
To whet our whistles - tell me whaddayou think?

What’s that you’re saying?
The cabinet’s dry?
There ain’t no bourbon and there ain’t no rye?
There ain’t no vodka and there ain’t no beer?
Well what the hell are we doing just standing here?

It’s time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun
Time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun

Now the liquor store man he knows me well
Calls me Mister when he makes that sell
Got a big box ready to lock and load
With bottle after bottle of that liquid gold

It’s time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun
Time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun

Didja get that whiskey?
You bet!
Didja get that rum?
I didn’t forget!
Didja get tequila?
¡Sí, Sí, Sí!
A bottle of scotch?
Oh yes indeed!
Didja grab some beer?
A case or two!
What about the wine?
Some from me, some for you!
Didja get some gin?
Of course, I did!
Well then get on home and let’s pop them lids!

Let’s drink until we can’t drink no more!
Let’s dance on the couches and sleep on the floor!
Let’s stir up shit like pigs in pen!
Let’s get up tomorrow and do it all again!

When it’s time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun
Time to go on a liquor run
Time to go on a liquor run, hun

Liquor Run

To Retire at Peace

You once were a body 
of dirt and tiny roots,
grub worms and cicadas.

Sometime in the night

you turned to grey stone
and started to question
the idea of mobility.

You forgot that erosion
is a rock’s sure-fire ticket

to a beachside retreat
someplace nice and warm.

It took only 10,

000 years and 1,

000,000,000 raindrops

to remind you.

Now you enjoy
frozen piña coladas

in a body of light,

a body prone to catch fire
given prolonged exposure,

a body prone to move faster
than anything else you’ve known.
To Retire at Peace


A secret is not

Necessarily a mystery

And a mystery is not

Necessarily a problem

And a problem is not

Necessarily an obstacle

And an obstacle is not

Necessarily a tragedy

And a tragedy is not

Necessarily a sadness

And a sadness is not

Necessarily a lover

And a lover is not

Necessarily a necessity

And a necessity is not

Necessarily a secret

So shhh, shhhhhhhh

Kiss me, just kiss me


Good For

This poem's gonna make you do the watusi
This poem's gonna make you piss in the jacuzzi
This poem's gonna make you drop down in a fit
This poem's gonna make you feel like stir-fried shit
This poem's gonna make your bones brittle and cold
This poem's gonna make you feel 98 years old
This poem's gonna tell everyone all your dirty thoughts
This poem's gonna know for how much you can be bought
This poem's a maverick, gun-toting psychopath
This poem's a queer ghost full of grey wrath
This poem's American as apple-flavored pie
This poem's a blue and a black and a purple-pink eye
This poem's a kick in the pearly white teeth
This poem's a bastard, a bitch, and a queef
This poem's gonna stop rhyming on the next line and
this poem's gonna toss and turn at night thinking about you and
this poem’s gonna wonder how to make it work and buy two tickets to paradise and sneak you out of the house, through the garden, past the guards, and you and this poem are gonna run away together into the moonlit prairie and get lost in the tall grass and call each other by secret names and fall to the dirt laughing and drift off to sleep gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and wake up with smiles because that's what
poetry is good for,
if anything at all.
Good For

Instructions for Giving

This is how
You give up:

Throw your hands
To the sky
Say god why
Oh god why

This is how
You give up:

Cry when you
Are alone
When you are
Out with friends
With your dog
At the park

On the phone
In your bed
In the dark

This is how
You give up:

You do not

Give in

There is a difference
Between those prepositions

Perhaps you forgot
That up indicates a position
That is higher than
_____That is higher than
__________That is higher than
The one
in which
you find
in this
bare, ripe

This is how
You give up:

Just give up
Give way up__________________________________Commit

Instructions for Giving


My penis was eaten by an old catfish

After my brother tore me down

My sister/wife put me back me together

From all the parts that she had found

She had to take a golden phallus

And strap it to my groin

Then we made love all night long

Got her pregnant with a baby boy

And that little boy, well he growed up

To do his daddy proud

He found his murderin’ uncle hiding away

And the circle of violence spun round

The circle of violence spins round and round

With no beginning, with no end

I learned the hard way the circle never slows down

Violence always wins

Listen to me while you’re breathing hard

I said violence always wins

Oh, listen to me while you’re seeing stars

Violence always wins

It ain’t hard to see the cosmic truth

Peace and love are real fine virtues

But they don’t hold a candle to the old 1, 2

Because violence, steady violence,

Violence, always violence,

Always wins


New Routines

Monday/Tuesday: Nap by the fire. Sleep under a thin sheet. Drink two cups of coffee. Listen to songs from youth. Serve lunch for anyone that wants to eat. Make breakfast before anyone else wakes up. Wash the dishes while NPR plays. Take the trash to the curb. Work from the laptop in different rooms for a change of scenery. Practice the guitar. Walk on the treadmill. Try to write something with impact. Look out the window for 10 minutes. Stare at the phone hoping for something new.

Wednesday: Stare at the fire. Nap by a thin sheet. Sleep under two cups of coffee. Drink songs from youth. Listen to lunch, for anyone that wants to. Serve breakfast before anyone else wakes up. Make the dishes. Wash the trash. Take from the laptop. Work the guitar. Practice the treadmill. Walk something with impact. Try to write out the window for 10 minutes. Look at the phone hoping for something new.

Later: Stare at the thin sheet. Nap by two cups of coffee. Sleep under songs from youth. Drink lunch. Listen to waking up. Serve the dishes. Make the trash. Wash the laptop. Take the guitar. Work the treadmill. Practice something with impact. Walk out the window. Try to write something new. Look at the phone fire.

Later Still: Make for the treadmill. Of different minutes, thin. Else new? The lunch, the nap? Up scenery to under 10. Write, drink, while anyone plays. Make my hoping at the window dishes. Try for phone sheet. Wash for to wakes. Wants guitar. A walk by something before trash. Take cups on out, in. Change rooms. By the curb. Listen, anyone, the two work for a breakfast from NPR. The look of Sleep: stare to that coffee in the fire. Practice youth songs with something. Impact: Eat the laptop.

New Routines