I will pay my bills when the money comes

When the money comes, I will buy new bicycles for all the little boys and girls

I will take them all to the trampoline park and let them jump until they collapse from exhaustion

We will all pretend that this goes on forever without consequence or comeuppance

When the money comes, I will grow forgetful and excited

When the money comes, I will get out the vote and tend to my bald spots with stem cells and apple cider vinegar

When the money comes, I will praise the lord Jesus on high; I will make a parachute of bitcoin and base jump from the Statue of Liberty’s left breast

When the money comes, I will invest in peanut butter, jelly, bread, and clown makeup

When the money comes, I will take my family to Lobster Fest and for dessert we’ll have frozen custard with brownie bites and we will weep with joy at our ability to conquer the spirit world by means of machine learning

When the money comes, you’ll tell me how much you love me and how you can’t live without me and how we belong together for ever and for ever ever ever

And I will believe you, when the money comes, god I will believe you so hard

I will pay my bills when the money comes

Our Firearms

Our Firearms, Who send many to heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Names;
Our hands be wrung,
The N.R.A.’s will be done
in America as it is in Congress.
Give us this day our daily dead,
and send thoughts and prayers,
as we fill with holes those who trespass against us,
and lead us not into solutions,
but deliver us from stray bullets.

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Our Firearms

It’s a record

isyouisorisyouaint, Threats

Give it a listen:




Making this record is how I spent this cold, frozey winter. I hope it resonates with you.

It’s a record

Kansas City, come hear poems while drinking the best cocktails in town

Sunday, March 10th, 6-9pm

Swordfish Tom’s

210 W 19th Terrace, KC MO 64108

I’ll be sharing the podium with the inimitable Silvia Kofler.


Kansas City, come hear poems while drinking the best cocktails in town

(some things left untitled)

My love, where you are not
All else is dark and cold
All is toward an ice-ringed end

My love, I hide my eyes and cheeks
Behind a borrowed shawl
Behind your borrowed name

My love, I never told another
Because it was an interrupted dream
Because I could never prove a thing

My love, did we really exist
Side by side, the lonely ocean
Side by side, the empty sky

My love, all
My love, behind
My love, because
My love, my love, my love

You tasted of the bluest salt
Your every word a floral form
We were so lucky to bear witness
To one another’s tears

(some things left untitled)

Sometimes the pillars of the temple stand apart

They rehearse the wedding details
In the middle of the arts fair.

Someone’s selling handmade pipes
While the groomsmen stand in line.

The wedding planner wrings and wrangles
And a jewelry-maker works a deal.

Many random people block the bride
Unsure of where and if they fit.

I’m watching all this with my poem.
A half-full beer within arm’s reach.

Random people weave around me.
No one’s sure if this is it.

Sometimes the pillars of the temple stand apart

Tearing Away From The World

I told my son
About your dirt road
And how we’d drive too fast
Just to kick up dust behind us
Like a demon’s sandy sneeze.

I told him about the graveyard
Across the rocky road
And the long-abandoned church
With its broken stained-glass windows.

I told him about the dull lights
And the squalling caterwauls
Late nights on your back porch.

I told him what we found there
Among the crooked, sun-sprayed tombstones.

I told him all these little things and more.

He responded with a shiver, “Oh, Daddy! Daddy, why?”

Tearing Away From The World

Fountainverse 2018 Recap

On October 12th, 13th, & 14th, small press poets from all over North America descended upon Kansas City to read poetry, sell poetry books, and enjoy all that KC has to offer. What used to go by the moniker of “The Kansas City Poetry Throwdown” (cf. https://jasonpreu.com/2016/04/19/some-of-the-writers-from-this-weekends-poetry-throwdown/ & https://www.facebook.com/pg/Fountainverse/videos), was this year rebranded with a new mission to focus on small presses publishing poetry.

In attendance were:

Outlandish Press (Cleveland, OH)

Spartan Press (Belle, MO)

Epic Rites Press (Alberta, Canada)

Aztlan Libre Press (San Antonio, TX)

Write Bloody Publishing (Los Angeles, CA)

CWP Collective Press (Buffalo, NY)

Additional, there were many representatives from Kansas City area poetry organizations & events, such as Kansas City Poetry Slam, The Riverfront Reading Series, and the Latino Writers Collective.

We partnered this year with Kansas City’s Charlotte Street Foundation and their help and support pushed us into new levels of what we could provide attendees and audiences.

The team that puts this event on is made up of Jeannette Powers, Samantha Slupski, Brandon Whitehead, and me.

I encourage any and all small poetry presses out there reading this to reach out to us (https://www.fountainverse.com) and make plans to attend next year. I can’t emphasize enough how much collaboration and cross-city pollination occurs every year after we put one of this events together. Even if you are not selected as a featured press/reader, there are plenty of opportunities for you to present and perform and sell your work.

Fountainverse 2018 Recap