The Game Never Ends

I meant it when I said
you are so good at everything.
I tried my best to give you a new name
when you grew weary of the old one
but nothing seemed to stick.
You are so good at everything.

The game never ends.
The game is like
when you wake from a dream
and realize there’s nothing you can do
to stop the dissipation.

You can look me in the eye
and tell me it was never really there
but I can’t help that feeling
of wanting to hold on.

Can’t help that lingering
sense of displacement
that the bed, and the street, and the city isn’t right.

The game never ends
and the rules aren’t too clear.

You are so good at everything.

The Game Never Ends

Soothe Mystics

We should be together, ain’t no harm in it

Like glue and cinnamon spice

We’ll work it out, make good

We should be together, no harm in it

Don’t let it bring you down

When we put a price on it

it’ll only get us down

What lasts all the time?

Even the sun goes down

Fates are tight-lipped, sealed

Soothe, soothe mystics

Gonna make your body all right

Smooth, soothe mystics

Gonna make your body all light

Soothe Mystics

People Walking Through Your Sidewalks

Take this
oxidized penny
to remember the good times we shared.

The good times we shared here
and the good times we shared over there.

In this life,
there are many things
that won’t make sense:

People walking through your sidewalks.
Rabbits falling from your eyelids.
Handless fingers hiding in your hothouse flowers. 
Bullets singing lullabies to your restless children.

Never stop trying to figure out 
how the big, bad words 
came into the world.

A world
that will break hearts
without a second thought.

Don’t fret when you fret.
We suffer because we think
there is some dark force keeping us afraid.

But it’s just the good times here
and all the good times over there.

People Walking Through Your Sidewalks


I know that many people are saying that it’s just a matter of time before work eats you alive and you have to make it about more than money and you have to find meaning and connect to your work and the truth is that’s the truth but it’s a hard truth ‘cause it’s not how things align for most of the working world and you got to get your pay no matter what and I know it ain’t easy putting up with a job you can do and will do so you put up with it for a long time while you wait for the place you wanna be to let you in and then finally you’re in that place and you find it’s not that right for you after all and how many times have you heard that and how many times have you been called that person who just ain’t satisfied with shit like I was in business for two years, two months, two days of my life and I know how hard it is to get paid right if the boss is also expecting to get paid right (if ya know what I’m sayin’) but you gotta be up front about what you want even if it is a pain in the ass which is another way of saying don’t expect to eat well or take care of your frozen shoulder while you wait ‘cause I seen it happen many times where a life, a job, a dream, and a self turns a huge mess because it’s a bitch to wanna come to work when you needta do something else that has no cash dividends like read a book or masturbate or find the lord in an Ozark cavern (although you could might find a way to spin that in favor of your wallet) and then you get laid off so you imagine you’ll make the most of the time away except you can’t subsist on only tile grout even if it’s full of fiber dammit you gotta listen when I tell you about work because I was in business two years of my life and I’m still trying to figure out if it made a difference and what I’m supposed to do for dinner over here.


Implied Volatility

the only thing that matters 
is the price that you’ll pay. 
But do you want it that bad?

The other big problem 
is how you will deal with it
once you have it
right where you want it.

It becomes all about you
once I let it go.
The most important thing
in this transaction
is how to deal with it
once you have it.

Once you accept the terms
and bring it home…
will your fruit stay fresh? 
Will your closets remain clean?

It will have power in the home.
It might make your mother violent.
It could shorten pet lifespans.
It may lead to heart conditions.

Are you feeling sick even now?
Is there a hospital you trust?
What do you consult when times are tough?
Has anyone ever been able to help?

That will be the situation 
once you have it.
You’ll say, “I have made up my mind.
It’s a free country…”
And then, in all likelihood,
you’ll have it
right where you want it.

Implied Volatility

When Something in Nature Reveals All*

We often talk
long through the night
of mistaking our selves
as things that endure

and how quickly
we forget that we’re
creatures using narrative 
to get on in this world.

Let’s recall this story:

To love 
everything everywhere
is the mission

To love
everything everywhere 
means, “Forget your self

To love
everything everywhere
all at once and forever is to be God

Not like.
Not as.

To be.
We Are
We Are.

So, let’s sit together
through this long night
and come morning we’ll see 
what the sunlight brings.

* “A rare experience of a moment at daybreak, when something in nature seems to reveal all consciousness, cannot be explained at noon. Yet it is part of the day’s unity.”

– Charles Ives,

When Something in Nature Reveals All*


a few months before I was supposed to make my first-ever trek to the untamed city, my hummingbird warned me to watch out for the wild animals that therein abided. she buzzed in my ear, flitted in my face, and pleaded with me not to leave the human reservation. i kept many pets besides the purple hummingbird: a fox fluent in Portuguese, a very hungry, albino chipmunk, and a ladybug that only spoke in trochaic trimeter. i was patient and considered their counsel while we ate a meal of nuts, berries, and dandelion greens. after we ate, i enchanted them with the plot of the film Blade Runner and they laughed as only woodland creatures can, their chittering chortles tickling the tree leaves like a twilight breeze. after finishing the tale of problematic personhood, my pets wished me well in the city. i left the reservation without fanfare. the city welcomed me with its parklands situated directly behind the main gate. the residents called the park, “Frog Farm Manor.” inside the park, i followed the locals to observe and learn how they engaged in leisure activity. they strolled amongst the lush grasses that filled in the spaces between the park’s many streams and ponds. i told a local my pets counseled me about the wild animals that roamed the city. the local laughed and said, “you’ll find neither snake nor tick in this city. you won’t even find a frog. but lions, and tigers, and bears? watch out.”  during my time in the city, i must confess, i did not once happen upon a lion or a tiger or a bear. i did, however, see a woman walking toward a window during sunrise. she watched the reflection of the sky going white as the sun came up. i watched a woman climb a tree to get atop the roof of a building, across which she scrambled like a spider out of sight. i witnessed a woman move from the visible rays of the noonday sun into the shade provided by a sculpture of a massive thumb that shot forth from the ground like a branchless redwood. the woman never stopped smiling. i sat with the setting sun many times. i climbed many trees and watched the locals from aloft.  locals pointed at me often and avoided walking underneath me. i watched a man with a knife walk toward a small child during one day’s indigo gloaming. i counted so many locals as they moved back and forth and forth and back. they sauntered under the sun and under artificial lights that illuminated streets and alleyways. i left the city satisfied and unscathed. my pets asked me about the wild animals. they did not believe my story.


Best Part of Waking Up

And then suddenly I’m you
which means you see right through me.
You see I’m scared to choose.
Scared to say the things I have to say
again and again.
I‘ll say it again:

No one knows.
No one knows.
No one knows.

How do you stand it?

Remember the good times?
The clouds where we lived?
We’ve moved so far
from the good times now.
(Yet somehow,
someone surely remains…)

Every once 
in a while 
I will have coffee 
with the you I used to know.
We smile and talk
about who we used to be.

Best Part of Waking Up

This Great Stage

You ate some fools
and now you're full.
One day they’re gonna get you back.

They’ll ask for love.
You’re gonna make ‘em special.
You’re gonna make ‘em explode.

They’ll make you whole.
They’ll make you their whole world.
Make you believe in hidden things
to make you happy.

You're whole and happy
and the air tastes good.
You ate some fools.

Now you're way too full.
One day they’re gonna get you
and they’re bringing love.

They’ll make you whole.
They’ll make you their whole world.
Make you believe in hidden things
to make you happy.
This Great Stage

When They’re Done

None will find a trace.
None will talk to you anymore.
None will find a trace.

When they’re done,
there’s a feeling that follows
the stories you’ll hear
about the ways you’ve changed.

Go to places you’ve never been.
You’re there and you're there.
Living this dream or that
when they’re done.

You'll know why life
is the mission complete,
as the words in your mouth become not your own,
spilling sacred spells.

Twisted, tainted tongue
telling tasteless tales.
That’s what it takes
to keep moving on
when they’re done.
When They’re Done