Apparent Magnitude

The night you finally left

The stars blinked off and on

Then all the windows closed at once 

 In our house upon the hill

.*.. *** …* . ……. *.** *** ..*

Now, when I think 

I hear you knocking

I know it’s just the heat

of my blue blood pounding pounding

pounding in my head

.*.. *** …* . ……. *.** *** ..*

Now, when I think

I feel you here it scares me

And the stars, 

They’re back to haunt me

Vicious light I can’t escape

I see them when I close my eyes

.*.. *** …* . ……. *.** *** ..*

And the windows

God, the windows

The windows won’t betray me

They won’t open

They won’t budge

They won’t let any fresh air in

But the light, oh the starlight

The light they cannot hide

Apparent Magnitude

11 thoughts on “Apparent Magnitude

  1. I fucking love you. Reading this.. thinking giggling to myself, as I kept reading though your posts. Thinking to myself I love this persons brain. Reading… wanting more and more, smiling so big, smiling with my eyes, feeling that “this person just might get me” excitement going from writing to writing.. I read them all. Of course. Then I read them in Order of the day they were posted. The progression got to be more and more, and familiar, framing… intricacies, smiling bigger thinking, I have to message this person. I think I could love them…. As I get to the top of the posts. I realize… it’s YOU it’s always been you, just how in the fucking world fuck did I stumble upon you. I suppose it’s be-cause… great minds think alike. Sorry to have read all of them, but I really loved every minute. I want you. Can I have you? Keep you.. love you to the ends of this earth? Are you single? I’ll be your friend, your post it… note whatever haha 🙂 Hope I see you soon, I’ll take you up on that yoga too 😛 you know I love deviant things too, you witty catch.


    1. jdoublep says:

      And I fucking love you, too, Ms. Hillary Murphy! You’ve made my millennia with this absolutely mad, flattering comment. Loving how someone’s mind works – it’s a slight deviation from sapiosexuality, I suppose, and I have had that experience myself. I’m glad you enjoy the writing. Please don’t apologize for reading the site – that’s why the hell I write it – read and read and read and then please talk to me about it! 🙂 I’m not single, no. Have had a wonderful partner in crime for many a moon now. I appreciate yer eyeballs and yer comments and hope to read yer writing when I can. Doesn’t look like the link to your blog is working though: Or do you no longer publish things on WordPress?


        1. jdoublep says:

          Fantastic! I don’t have have any social media accounts (I think social media are twisting our heads into unfamiliar shapes), but I do love poetry instas. (I suppose I never considered WP as social media, but maybe it is?) At any rate, you should cross post your Insta-work to your blog.


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