5 Simple Rules for More Efficient Use of IM at the Office

1) Always assume the person you are about to IM is in the middle of reading or typing something else. We’re at work…working…on computers.
2) Use complete paragraphs whenever possible instead of ten rapid-fire strings of three-word sentences/commands. The latter is annoying, wasteful, and tends to make people hesitant to respond because they don’t know if you’re fucking finished yet.
3) Do not send an IM to ask “are u there?” or anything similar. Every IM client has an availability feature. Use it.
4) Keep in mind that IM is one tool of many and not an inherently efficient tool at that. Further, do not assume everyone (anyone) engages with IM using the same methodology you do – whatever that may be – and do not expect anyone to utilize that particular methodology because it’s what works best for you. (This includes archiving IM archives to grep through 6 months down the road.)
5) Think before you send an IM. Do not IM a request only to type ‘nvm’ twenty seconds later. (See Items 1 and 2 above).

5 Simple Rules for More Efficient Use of IM at the Office

Way Back Whensday

What we were listening to…

5 years ago

10 years ago

20 years ago (One of my most-favorite albums ever)

Original video shot by Cohen and his then girlfriend can be seen here. (Stupid embedding disabled…)

(fan-made video…not very interesting)

(oh, samantha mathis, what a crush i had upon thee…)

(i don’t know what this is)


(dull fan-made video. just close your eyes and listen.)

Yup, that’s the entire album plus some extras. What a gem.

Way Back Whensday

More Bacon Shoe than you can shake a pig at

Lots of Bacon Shoe goodness going down of late. I’ve got to share.

First, they’ve been put up at URB magazine’s next 1000 promotion. So go, sign up and vote and try to win some shit.

Second, their Last.fm page has some sample tracks from the new album (awesome tunes, by the by).

Third, they’re playing Warrensburg at the 400, this coming Friday, the 29th.

Fourth, they’re playing The Brick on March 4th.

Fifth, they’re playing SXSW at the Firehouse Lounge on March 14th – 7ish.

So you’ve got no excuse, really, not to get out and support these wackos in one way or another (preferably all ways).

More Bacon Shoe than you can shake a pig at

Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the rent (and a baby reeeal soon)

Soon. Like here in the next couple weeks. Baby Preu 2.0 comes along into the world. This week was a real challenge with Baby Preu 1.0. Man, he’s entering the terrible twos early or something – very moody and obviously frustrated that he knows what he wants but can’t quite yet communicate it to us. Ro’s getting good with his words. He knows the all-important “more” and “mine” (yes, we’ve bred a baby capitalist). He also knows “bops” – short for The Doodlebops (don’t click that link), a Canadian export I’d rank somewhere below Trailer Park Boys and above Alanis Morissette.
And since it’s been a while, here’re two recent photos of the little man in action:
(Playing with Peggy Noland)

(Yogurt, always a fave)

And this has nothing to do with Ro, just a random photo of one of our Rock Band bands:

Refer to this.

Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on but the rent (and a baby reeeal soon)

On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – Red Robin

Nothing quite says “I love you” on Valentine’s Day like fish, batter, potatoes, and oil. (Actually, “I love you” may be Latin for fish, batter, potatoes, and oil.) So that’s why we decided to hit up Red Robin on 95th and Metcalf this past Thursday for a healthy dose of V-Day Fish and Chips. Red Robin was the place to be on V-Day for those with children. Christ, you couldn’t take a swig of beer without elbowing some little urchin. Nevertheless, the service was fast and the food worth talking about. I’d only eaten at a Red Robin once prior, in Wichita, and had some crazy burger with avocado oozing out of it. Messy and good. So, how’re Red Robin’s fish and chips? Well, the standard fish and chips were standard – cod and chips. You can see the ratings here. No side of slaw was kinda disappointing, especially for close to 11 bones, but you do get 4 pieces of fish with your order. Buuuuut, it’s not the standard fish and chips I want to discuss…oh no, it’s the salmon and chips that Red Robin sells that is worth my writing and your reading this. The succulent salmon and chips that are so rich and satisfying that you can’t even finish a beer with the meal…yes, that’s what I want to discuss. The texture near perfection: crispy batter with a surprising amount of flavor covering a solid chunk of one of nature’s perfect foods, itself not massacred to dryness by an inexperienced fry cook nor given to an underexposed middle section as though a sushi massa were behind the endeavor. I’d never before eaten salmon and chips and now that I’ve got that flavor in my memory, I can see cravings springing up for such tasty shiznit. Salmon is such an oil-rich food to begin with that to dip it in batter and fry it up is – well, overkill – but what a tasty way to go beyond what’s necessary. Literally, I ate one bite initially simply to test the thing. Then one bite doused in malt to see how the batter held up. After that, I entered some sort of fish-and-chips-induced fugue that lasted about 3 minutes total ending with me coming back to awareness to see my lightly-greased fingertips resting on the edge of my malt-soaked and mostly-empty plate. In short, I highly recommend this dish.

Other KC fish and chips related news:
Sarah called the food critics on Walt Bodine this past Friday to get fish and chips recommendations. A fishy flurry of call-ins ensued.

On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – Red Robin


They can take down the best of us and really ruin a weekend.

NICE! Daft Punk is playing live with Kanye right now! I saw the pyramid and hoped we’d get to see them…wait, whose salad did he have to toss to get to play two songs?

Anyway, coldness. Sets everything back. Get nothing done except filling a few hankies with gnarly expectorations. Nothing. So now, I must try to get caught up on my non-work work. Enough posting.