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Great Preutopia Media Unloading of 2007

That title is another way to say this:

This Saturday, January 13th, from noon until 6, you and yours and anyone you wanna send this to are invited to come to our house to rummage through a ton of media we are getting rid of. (And by “getting rid of” I mean “giving away” in some instances and “selling” in others.) So here’s what’s on the chopping block:

Books – a SHITE-TON. We’re giving these away. Bring a box and load up. Sarah and I were both English majors. I minored in Philosophy and her studies had a healthy dose of post-modernism, feminism and cultural studies (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, dear).

Comics and Graphic Novels – more than you can shake a stick at. Graphic Novels are a buck a piece and the comics are give-aways. Great for senior citizens.

CDs – We don’t have too many of these to unload (you’ll recall I digitized our collection in ’05 and then sold most all of them), but what we do have you can go through and buy for a buck a piece.

3 framed Clive Barker printsThe Diver, The Freudian and The Parisian. 10 bucks a pop or all 3 for 20 bones. [SOLD]

1 Djembe hand drum – 20 bucks. [SOLD]

1 Mind Machine – This is such a cool freakin’ toy. Fly Guy, come buy it. 5 bucks. (Something akin to the items sold here, just an older model.)

1 Fender Squire Straight Electric Guitar (White and Green) with Soft Case and Squire Champ 15 amp – Perfect first guitar for the young punk in your life. 50 bucks cash on the barrel head.

[Just added] Simpsons Collectible Figures – All from the 1st series of the Interactive Springfield Collection, still in packaging. Homer, Bart, Nelson, Flanders, Wiggum, Barney and the Police Station Environment with Officer Eddie. 3 bucks each or 15 for all.

Ok, I think that’s it. If you’re thinking about dropping by, and you don’t know where we live, e-mail me at jason dot preu at gmail dot com.

Great Preutopia Media Unloading of 2007