kansas city don’t dance

even when presented with music that it is impossible not to dance to…
kc don’t dance.
even when given beat after luscious beat…
kc don’t dance.

so i looked around me friday night whilst lcd soundsystem played their new-york-lovin’ hearts out and here’s what i see:
to my front left – 3 girls with dour looks on their faces. looks that said, “what-evah”. one of the girls even sat down in her chair, as if to defy the rhythm-soaked air.
to my immediate left – a couple girls, trying to get down…but talking on their cell phones at the same time. how did they manage this amazing trick and who could they possibly be conversing with? i do not know.
behind me – people who seemed interested in the music. but kc don’t dance.
to my immediate right – gilmore! who liked the show and busted moves. gilmore dances.
in front of me – sarah and the biz…both getting down as well. they dance.
so i think, “not too bad in our little pocket of starlight.” then i look down in the orchestra section, expecting to see a crowd swaying and undulating and pulsating along with the blips, beeps, booms, and bips of the music. but kc don’t dance.

kc don’t dance.

kc appreciates…kc welcomed and enjoyed lcd soundsystem, i’m sure of that.
but kc don’t dance.

kc just don’t.
oh, some of kc do. there was a couple of girls getting nutso in the aisle and that made me smile.
but overall, kc don’t dance.

and then the arcade fire comes out…
and –
damn. i felt like i was a part of something bigger than myself. every song an anthem and almost every song a sing-a-long…it was a performance that inspires you to make your own music. to make your own anything, really, just so long as you’re enjoying every minute of it.
the arcade fire ain’t really dance music so no surprise that kc didn’t dance there.
but the arcade fire put smiles on the faces of those pouty broads next to me.
and that’s a feat worth mentioning.

thanks, rock-n-rollers. i’m glad the rabid bats didn’t do you in.

ps. listen to ben frost.

kansas city don’t dance


i had some time to upload some recent photos of ro – well, these first four are from his first b-day…so “recent” is a relative term:

Ro and Breeze:

More recent still, our son is a book-a-holic. All he wants to do is read and be read to:

Sometimes, he’ll want two books open at a time.

And, finally, this photo is from the beginning of Sept:

Biking season!

Ro’s 14 months old tomorrow.



Do any of you own one? And, if so, would you care to trade console codes and let your Miis hang out with our Miis?

(Nintendo rules.)

UPDATE: To make the trade even sweeter…we’re currently making Miis of the entire cast of Lost. So far we have Ben, Juliet, Sayid, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate.


Life Soundtrack

Stolen from emaw (and proudly so):

Here’s how it works:
1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, whatev)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

Here it is – the soundtrack to Jay Preu: Bald, Thin, and Outta Control:

Opening credits:
Middleclass Kill – Subtle (did you ever see my first blog: Suburban Rubble?)

Waking up:
Throw Ya Gunz – Onyx (interestingly, i named my film before these songs started playing.)

First day of school:
When the Music Stops – Eminem (a little harsh for kiddygarden.)

Falling in love:
Perdámonos – Flor Silvestre (i may be wrong, but i think this translates (loosely) to “let’s go get lost”, which is right on for this moment.)

First Song:
Don’t Stop the Rock – Freestylers (while not really the first song i fell in love with – close enough in spirit to count for my film. you must find this song, party people.)

Fight Song:
Ten Thousand Lines – Electric President (to score the oddest fight sequence ever filmed, to be sure. slo-mo, lots of close-ups, panning out to a wide-angle overhead at song’s end.)

Breaking Up:
Listen to the Band – The Monkees (this would actually be a rather comedic scene.)

Stars Fell on Alabama – Billie Holiday (ooo…way sexy sophisticated for high-school prom.)

Walking Spanish – Tom Waits (oh man! i love love love that this track came up for life. listen to the melody and imagine a time-lapsed montage of hall-walking through the years.)

Mental Breakdown:
Soldier Girl – The Polyphonic Spree (this is a sweet song to break down to. and fits in quite thematically with the sequence of true biography.)

Rebound – Teenage Bottlerocket (fitting, if i’m driving after ‘mental breakdown’.)

Ask – The Smiths (wow. this is a grand song for a flashback sequence!)

Getting back together:
Bettie Bettie – BR5-49 (cute hook back up song.)

Fly – Luscious Jackson (interesting…kinda slow, surfy for a wedding – but i could make it work visually.)

Birth of child:
Honey Power – My Bloody Valentine (sweet! as an aside – we actually had a taped episode of night tides playing during ro’s birth.)

Death Scene:
Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy) – Jim Croce (good lord i hope i’m lucky enough to die to this song…how fun!)

Funeral Song:
Help From My Friends – Parlet (dude, this is so fitting. funk at my funeral…thank you, random selection.)

End Credits:
Darlene – Erasure (new erasure to boot…this is a good credit rolling song, kinda random to close my life – but i do love the erasure…)

Life Soundtrack