The latest addition to my biking harem

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to my new road bike, Amelia:


She joins my single-speed commuter, Ginger:

my first bike
(Ginger was born in 1994, folks, so show her some love. She’s been to Tsali and back. She’s fallen off the back of my Honda CRX while driving down Clinton Parkway. Quite frankly, she’s probably the reason I staved off a full-blown diabetic coma for so long. Don’t worry, Ginger. Amelia is not your replacement. She’s just here to provide a different kind of ride.)

and my M4 mountain bike, Betty:

i crush you

as having the fortune of being trapped under my sweaty groin for hours at a time.

Amelia’s an early birthday gift from my beautiful wife. Happy, crank-filled days ahead…

The latest addition to my biking harem

KC’s current claim to fame

We placed dead last for bike commuting.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. We are not a bike-friendly town. We’re not a pedestrian-friendly town. Perhaps this will change as time goes on and gas prices continue to rise. Perhaps all the paved trails will one day connect WyCo Lake to Longview. Perhaps we’ll see close tight the gaping maws of the gnarly grates that threaten skinny tires from the street gutters.

In the meantime, though, we just have to keep on riding and talking to folks about why we ride, letting them know bicycles are a safe, efficient, and cheap way to move about the city. Plus it makes your legs, arse, and abs strong like bull.

Did you hear that Sicko got leaked to the internets? I bet if you did a search using the google you’d find yourself a copy. (I am stoked to see it, having worked for years in insurance.)

KC’s current claim to fame


so i threw this surprise birthday picnic for sarah on saturday afternoon and it went really well (thanks to much help from my family).
we had a bunch of rosati’s pizzas, cakes, a pinata stuffed with candy and lotto tickets (sarah won $100), and a whole bunch of friends.
and dang – there were a lot of kids there! i don’t think i realized how many kids we had in our circle into we all got together.
when did this happen and when can we do it again? it was good to see everybody and watch the young’uns play together.

anyway, thanks to those who made it out. please e-mail me any pics you took. i was having too much fun kicking the soccer ball around and throwing frisbee to take photos.


fresh outta jail in kck

riding home yesterday, at around 6th and armstrong, i biked upon a dude who seemed distressed and a little out of it.
he flagged me over and he was obviously flustered and agitated.
“can you please help me?” he asked, running his fingers through his hair.
“i can try,” i replied, dismounting.
“can you tell me how to get to 36th and parallel from here? i just got out of jail from a parking ticket and they won’t give me back my money or my cigarettes until tomorrow. i’ve asked about 4 different people for directions and everyone’s told me something different. i’m all turned around and confused and pissed.”
“oh sure. head this way (pointing west on armstrong) until you hit a city park. walk through the park and just keep heading west until you hit 18th street. then head north on 18th until you hit parallel. then head east again.”
“i just came from that way.”
“it’s a long walk.”
“you got any cigarettes?” he says to the man bicycling up a hill.
“fresh out.”
“all right, man. you sound like you know what you’re talking about.”
“i know how to get to 36th and parallel from here.”
“good luck.”

long walk ahead, mr. ticket.
long walk ahead.

fresh outta jail in kck

so sarah sold her car

that means i’m biking to work…

…which i love…

…and needed more than i realized.

here’s my route. you can click it to go to the interactive page.

bike it, beyatch

ro’s got 5 teeth. two on the bottom. 3 up top. missing one front tooth. kinda looks like a hillbilly vampire when he smiles. he’s getting real close to walking. he can’t yet recite hamlet’s soliloquy, but i’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

can you believe it’s almost summer? remember what we were doing this time last year?

so sarah sold her car