Year of the Owl from Lucas Wetzel

A selection of 365 short bits, extracted and compiled from various studio writings, notebooks, voice memos, letters, stories, and essays.

Quite enjoyable and amenable to your on-the-go lifestyle.

Year of the Owl from Lucas Wetzel

Things You Wanted from Heaven

I only wanted eyes of gold and a smile made of diamonds.
You only wanted to not grow old and keep your soul a’shinin’.

You did not need another life to fill your broken heart.
You watched the old man in the moon for signs that you should start.

The old man’s voice was soft, though he was a good-for-nothing bastard.
You kept clinging to the past as though it’d help you heal much faster.

So soft that moonlit voice, like a rope of silk and satin.
When the old man spoke, you shook and could not say what happened.

The moon revealed, “There are many people like you in this crumbling world.
They don’t care for their future, thinking all is double toil.”

“Don’t mistake me for a man, lest I take your only life.
Don’t mistake me for a man, lest I take you for my wife!”

You said, “As long as you shall light me, I’ll forever be just fine.
Your pale caress will be enough to corral my wandering mind.”

“And even if I lose control some nights from here to when,
Regrets will never stop me from standing with you here and then.”

Things You Wanted from Heaven