Way Back Whensday

What we were listening to…

5 years ago

10 years ago (mmmmm, wet dreams…)

20 years ago (i still find it interesting, 20 years later, to hear “watching the world wake up from history.” )

So, a bit of an after-word about this year’s Way Back Whensdays. 20 years have passed since 1991, a year that was quite a watershed in pop music (this was the year “alternative” broke everything) and quite a watershed for me personally (15, going on 16 – lots of loverly teen drama going on down in Willow Springs in 1991). As I’ve mentioned before, many of my memories are heavily soundtracked and 1991 was pretty intense in that respect. When I look back at 1991 (and to an extent the end of ’90 and beginning of ’92), sometimes all I see are flashes of things that may (or may not have) happened – but always, always a clear and distinct song accompanies those flashes. So, you should expect to find me baffled and bewildered that we’re 20 years past 1991 and expect some goofy teenage stories along the way.

Way Back Whensday