Home for sale

Mr. and Mrs. Doty are moving and if you need a house you should buy theirs. Craig, I’m looking in your general direction.

Lovely Waldo Ranch-style Home For Sale by Owner.

Wonderful details make this a unique home – MUST SEE. 2 Bedroom/2 Bathroom with bonus room that can be used as a 3rd bedroom or office. Newly renovated eat-in kitchen with butcher block countertops – all appliances stay. Central Air. Kitchen has french doors going out to fenced, shaded backyard. Separate laundry room with 2nd bathroom. Washer and dryer stay. Mudroom with separate entry to side of house. Move-in ready. Close to Plaza and I-435 access. Great quiet neighborhood and wonderful neighbors. Listed at $114,900. Please [leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch].

[UPDATE 6-30: PHOTOS – www.flyingdodopics.shutterfly.com]

Home for sale

So I read this funny concert review from Nadia Pflaum

over at Harper’s blog and I think, how vitriolic. Yet it is a delight to every now and again read such a biting, negative review. I did wonder though – how did this Louis Logic character get to where he is if he sucks so hard? So, I did some research and what I’m reading doesn’t sound too bad – the guy seems somewhat well-respected so maybe he was having an off night or something. I don’t really mind that an MC has a self-absorbed myspace (it is called “myspace” after all).


I have no respect for an MC who agrees to an interview, name-checks Newcleus as an influence and then allows the reporter to misspell the group’s name “Nucleus”:

T.JONES: “What song made you fall in love with hip-hop?”
LOUIS LOGIC: “The first record that I ever got where I loved the song so much, I actually went out and bought the record was U.T.F.O.’s ‘Roxanne Roxanne’. Also, Nucleus…”

Fuck that, Louis Logic.

So I read this funny concert review from Nadia Pflaum

One month to go

Yup. We’re supposed to be welcoming into the world a little LL Cool Preu one month from today. Last night, we went to our second birthing class (missed the first one) where we learned about labor positions. We also learned that Sarah failed to get as a shower gift her birthing unitard (please click link above). What else did we learn? Well, we were the demo couple for how to use the hospital bed during labor. Sarah got put on all fours. That was exciting.

We learned we needed a focal point during labor pains to get Sarah’s attention elsewhere. We chose a stunning photo of a tiger with the word COURAGE typed in gold:

“Eye of the Tiger” will be on our birthing soundtrack. Along with “The Final Countdown,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and many other contraction-easing jams. The birthing class suggested we use Enya, John Tesh and pretty much every song from the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack but we were both afraid that our child might file for divorce if he learned we welcomed him into the world with that gunk.

We further learned that massage tools always make people giggle, no matter their intended usage.

We also learned that fathers who spend at least 15 minutes with their newborn and the mother, without anyone else around, are many times more likely to spend more time with that child during the first 3 years of its life. (After that, I’m not sure what happens.)

We learned two different things while watching a video of a lady filmed during her labor and delivery. Sarah learned that she thinks birth is unnatural. I learned that birth takes more bad-assness than I’ve got and I’m glad my baby momma is a bad-ass herself.

Finally, we learned that my jokes probably won’t be appreciated during active labor and we’ll be better off if I’m just strong and supportive and ready with cool rags, cinnamon essence and sweet words of encouragement.

People, let me tell you – this is gonna be so incredible.

One month to go

Weekend Wrewind

Friday night – went to Record Bar.
Goddam…I hope to have a review of the Black Clover Beer Fest up at patchchord.com here in a day or so and all I can say for now is good goddam.

Saturday night – took Josh to roller derby. Die Master let him try on the death mask.

Truly, though, after the first half, he kinda lost interest. So, maybe 6 is too young for a full derby bout. No matter though, because Sarah and I had a blast. She sat up front with a very pregnant Abra Cadaver while I chilled in the back keeping on eye on the little stinker.
Holy hell on wheels are the derby girls ever bad ass!
They’re having a bout at Hale Arena the day after my b-day. YOU. MUST. GO!
I heard from the sister of one of the cat’s promoting the Crossroads Arts and Music Fest that the event was a literal washout. The rains were so heavy and hard Saturday afternoon that Grinders’ backyard turned into a swamp. Anyone make it out?

Yesterday – bought some backerboard for our bathroom floor but decided to take the night off and relax. We watched His Girl Friday and Brokeback Mountain. I enjoyed Brokeback though it was super depressing. Probably woulda been cooler as a gay cowboy musical set on a Montana dude ranch. I could write that. Brokeback Mountain on Ice.

Weekend Wrewind

Jesus Is (Was?) Not A Republican

A longy, but goody on evangelicalism, the Religious Right and the current marriage of the two:

Following the revelations that the U.S. government exported prisoners to nations that have no scruples about the use of torture, I wrote to several prominent religious-right organizations. Please send me, I asked, a copy of your organization’s position on the administration’s use of torture. Surely, I thought, this is one issue that would allow the religious right to demonstrate its independence from the administration, for surely no one who calls himself a child of God or who professes to hear “fetal screams” could possibly countenance the use of torture. Although I didn’t really expect that the religious right would climb out of the Republican Party’s cozy bed over the torture of human beings, I thought perhaps they might poke out a foot and maybe wiggle a toe or two.

I was wrong. Of the eight religious-right organizations I contacted, only two, the Family Research Council and the Institute on Religion and Democracy, answered my query. Both were eager to defend administration policies. “It is our understanding, from statements released by the Bush administration,” the reply from the Family Research Council read, “that torture is already prohibited as a means of collecting intelligence data.” The Institute on Religion and Democracy stated that “torture is a violation of human dignity, contrary to biblical teachings,” but conceded that it had “not yet produced a more comprehensive statement on the subject,” even months after the revelations. Its president worried that the “anti-torture campaign seems to be aimed exclusively at the Bush administration,” thereby creating a public-relations challenge.

I’m sorry, but the use of torture under any circumstances is a moral issue, not a public-relations dilemma.

Jesus Is (Was?) Not A Republican