Sirrus the Security Sentinel

So the InfoSec team at work is fairly new and consists of the InfoSec and Business Continuity Director and me and another person on Fridays. One of our goals is to brand the department.

My suggestion was an animal mascot/icon:

Sirrus the Security Sentinel

It went over well for a laugh.

But Sirrus ain’t no kinda joke.

Who better to get people thinking about information security than a rainbow-colored centaur wielding a leopard-print-handled sword?

You tell me.

Sirrus the Security Sentinel

Not like Pookie in New Jack City

but another kind of freebase:

How is Freebase different than the Wikipedia?
It’s an apple versus an orange: each is deliciously different. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia with information arranged in the form of articles. Freebase is more of an almanac, organized like a database, and readable by people or software. Wikipedia and Freebase both appeal to people who love to use and organize information. In fact, many of the founding contributors to Freebase are also active in the Wikipedia community. Whenever Freebase and Wikipedia cover the same topic, Freebase will link to the Wikipedia article to make it easy for users to access the best of both sites.

A bit more info here.

Not like Pookie in New Jack City


Yep. We’re here…just working and living.

Ro’s 7 and 1/2 months old. Got his first tooth yesterday.

ro and breeze

So here’s a cool story: the other day Sarah sends me an e-mail that says “I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home.” I’m thinking, “Sweet. She’s picking up some cupcakes.”


She walks in the back door with a blow gun and we take turns blowing darts into our back door.

So don’t try to sneak in our house at night. You might get a poison-tipped dart in your eye.