The Cornerstone of Strong Communities

The last house
          that was not a home
but a moan                          in an unlit night,

White walls
     polished mouse skulls
basement a swamp
     where the children           once played           –
–          what use                pants without pockets?
–          what use                muted earth?
–          what use                populism of lies?

The last house
          that was never a home
but a groan                     from settling right,

Cracked foundation…

     are they out of their minds

                         …they’ll never get what they’re asking

The Cornerstone of Strong Communities

Friday Lyrics Mash: Hell’s Jingle Bells

I’m coming on like a hurricane
I’m gonna get ya,  Satan, get ya
Hitch him to an open sleigh
Go it while you’re young
But quickly drove away

Hell’s bells
My temperature’s high
In a one-horse open sleigh

Hell’s bells
Satan’s coming to you
Was seated by my side

Hell’s bells
You got me ringing
Just get a bob-tailed bay

Hell’s bells
Laughing all the way

I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to Hell
Jingle all the way
You’re only young but you’re gonna die
Misfortune seemed his lot
And crack! You’ll take the lead

Jingle bells, jingle bells
I got my bell I’m gonna take you to Hell

Hell’s bells
Dashing through the snow
Two forty as his speed

Hell’s bells
He’s ringing them now

Hell’s bells
Across the sky
Oh! what fun it is to ride

If you’re into evil, you’re a friend of mine
I won’t take no prisoners won’t spare no lives
A day or two ago
I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives
See the white light flashing as I split the night
Making spirits bright
Now the ground is white

Hells bell’s
Gonna split the night
Jingle bells, jingle bells

Hell’s bells
They’re taking you down

A gent was riding by
In a one-horse open sleigh
He laughed as there I sprawling lie,
Those Hell’s bells, the temperature’s high

Hell’s bells
Jingle all the way
Oh! what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh

I went out on the snow,
Nobody’s puttin’ up a fight
My lightning’s flashing across the sky
I thought I’d take a ride
I’m gonna get ya, Satan, get ya

Hell’s bells
O’er the fields we go

Hell’s bells
What fun it is to laugh and sing

Nobody’s putting up a fight
Hell’s bells

A sleighing song tonight!

Friday Lyrics Mash: Hell’s Jingle Bells

WordPress is still blue and so are we

Things that have happened while you were away:

  1. America lost its mind.
  2. Millions of turkeys died for your sins.
  3. Preutopia moved to a new, stately manor, creatively titled, Preutopia III: Home Warriors.
  4. I once again failed NaNoWriMo but did get about 36K words put into a dastardly, puzzling thing of language that one day may see the full whites of your eyes.
  5. A Tribe Called Quest released my favorite album of the year.
  6. My beard grew more wiry.
  7. My tongue grew more wicked.
  8. My heart grew more weary.
  9. My hopes grew more distant.
  10. My desires grew lips and finally kissed me back.
WordPress is still blue and so are we



I am not the kind of man who gives himself over to wanton gushing

regarding the mystical apparatuses of love. Love you, however, I

do. When first I saw you in this blackened mirror, frightened

though I was by your wispy visage and morbid accoutrements, I felt

instantly overcome by an overwhelmingly esteemed and unrelenting

enthrallment. Nevermind my viscera entangled and twisted by such

untoward tumultuous passion; my sole desire herewith is to

patiently await your return. I show you these words tonight and

pray for any type of reciprocation. I pray you won’t leave again.

Indefinitely yours,