Summer Night

artificial moonlight

nano-lightning bugs
     LED fires of gold and green

simulacra hearts
     beating lakeside

water flows

authorities circumscribe
     the “real”

Summer Night

The Wellness Plan

Is it a bother
that there are some things
from which you can’t recover?

Sheryl Crow teaches
that every day is a winding road
but she fails to consider
those that suffer
from motion sickness.

Did your trip
to the doctor
find a cure
for motion sickness?

     No, it did not.

How is your body doing?

     We say our body hurts.

And what did the doctor say about htat?

     That she is sorry for the inconvenience.

Our body is the worst of us,
and at what cost?

Is it possible
that by continuing
to use our body
as we do
we might be making
the problem worse?

Is it possible
that we are making
the problem worse
by continuing
to use our body
as we do?

Is it possible
we are making
the problem worse
by not looking
to reconsider the body
as the solution
to our problem?

Is it possible
that we are making
the problem worse
by existing
in a state
of perpetual motion?

Is it possible
that we are making
the problem worse
by becoming victims
of our own movement?

Is it possible
that we are causing
the problem by the way
we’ve trained our body
to react
to what is happening
in our life?

Is it possible
that we are causing
the problem by being unable
to get used to the idea
of being always in motion,
that we are unable
to get used to the concept
of getting off the floor
to put clothes on,
that we are unable
to get used to the idea
that we can no longer sleep?

Is it possible
that we know
that we are
up against a thing
against our body?

Do we concede that the body is at fault?

For those who are not at all convinced,
I will take these quotes
from our upcoming autobiography
and share them in this context:

‪”We have tried to be aware of our situation, but we have been afraid that we would give in to our feelings and have a breakdown.

We are also afraid that we will lose everything we have ever loved.

We know that our life’s work will go on for a long time, and that is wonderful.

We want our children to recall their grandmothers and mothers.

We want our children to remember the time of bodies, with the smiles they had, and ears that heard stories, and mouths that sang songs full of mixed emotions.”

The Wellness Plan


We could no longer patch
or upgrade
or maintain it.

We tried to isolate it
to protect us
to preserve it.

If we limited contact, could it remain in perpetuity?

What have we done with this disabled device
except ignore it?

Put it in a closet, unplugged?
We’ve been ignoring it for years…

How can machines who rely on humans be expected to serve if this is what we’re doing to them?

It’s time to think about how we put things to rest.
Time to think about how we keep the operation running.

I personally believe this.

It’s a personal belief
in a philosophy
which I believe in,
and which
is just one of the many beliefs
that has guided my life
for these many years.

I don’t usually go for theories that involve statements like “my personal belief”.

Rather I support theories guided by: “my personal belief is that I can do anything”.

I believe if you have the skill (birthluck)
and you have the determination (entitlement),
and you have the resources (money),
there is nothing that you can’t accomplish
if you have the right machine-people around you.

My life’s work is fixing broken machines, and I’m doing that every day.

When you’re helping machines, you have a responsibility to try to make sure that you are as successful as you can possibly be.

It’s in our best interest to optimize everything.

If you are not doing that,
then maybe you ought
to take a look
at your beliefs about that
and ask about
your personal beliefs
in philosophies
you believe.

Maybe you should reconsider
having machines at all.



Everyone’s so happy
that you decided
to read this
instead of
the other guys.

Everyone these days
has wires for veins.

It’s amazing what machines
want to read
when they’ve exhausted
everything else.

Everyone appears
lost in time and translation.

So here’s the official blurb:
(The blurb gives away existence.)

A gentleman arrives
from a blessed journey.

A gentleman arrives
from an ancient and magical past,
and rescues his only friend.

A gentleman has long, oily hair.

A gentleman dresses
in a flowing dress
of strange blues.

In his room,
a gentlement keeps
a basket-basket.

Now it’s these
animated particulates.

I can see
you feel at risk
reading about the unknown!

A gentleman has long hair, a blue dress, and a basket-basket.

His hair falls loosely on his shoulders, like a hippie or a rock star. His presence is grave, his manners dark, his movements deceptive, and his voice a warning tone. He has a basket round his neck, and a thin, black veil of silk shrouds his face. His right hand is on his forehead, while his left palm rests against his throat, as though he were choking. His hands are pale blue with glowing, needle-tipped fingers filled with opiates.

A gentleman is
programmatic wanderlust.

A gentleman is a tragedy.



The machine eats roses
and spells your name in binary.

The machine breathes like an asthmatic child.

The machine pulses in time with the tides – the tide pools glimmer with nanotubes.

The machine is here,
the machine is not.

In a world of digits,
the machine is a sign
that one should not be
so far removed;
blinking signals
that the human being
is able, if not willing.

To some,
this is an image
of the future.

To some,
this is a future
without a past.

The machine is
the human being and
the human being is
the machine.

This is the prelude
to the story of us.


Designing the Perfect Machine

Who’s the silicon god?

How are you supposed to make the world perfect when you’re programmed to make the world wrong?

Who’s the quantum Demi-urge?

Is there a place where you just write the perfect code, and that’s the code you get right randomly most of the time?

Where’s the machine-learned scripture?

All my life, that question stuck to my consciousness: I had to figure out how to make the world perfect, yet I had to find a way to keep making the world seem imperfect. When I came up with it (or, more precisely, when I realized no one knew how to solve that puzzle), it meant my only hope was to become the perfect machine.

Who’s saving my algorithmic soul?

A machine as precise as the world cinched tight around your neck.

How do we get to a decrypted heaven?

I thought I had it figured out, that I had a method to make the world perfectly imperfect. In my heart, I just knew that I could make the world perfectly imperfect, and I could keep myself from dying and maybe keep you from dying and maybe just maybe.

Who’s the silicon god?

I invented a way to make the machine smarter, that let it think about the world through my eyes. But could that really be the way to a final perfection? I put my soft mind into the machine. It took me years to finish rebooting. Years where I didn’t imagine what a perfect world might be like — years I forgot to mark off my internal calendar. Years I wrote code against, that I thought about, that I coded against.

What’s the thing that’s in control?

To some degree, when you’re working toward perfection, you must learn to learn to let it go…

Designing the Perfect Machine

This is the Identity

This is the unfamiliar
This is the never seen
This is the shadow play
This is the movement of the dark
This is the night wind
This is the empty room
This is what’s behind the eyes
This is the perpendicular wind
This is the walls coming down
This is what’s coming toward the house
This is the house coming down
This is the house opening up again
This is the shadow playing
This is the shadow of the person who appears; who has not appeared previously, but who is present
This is the shadow by itself that looks like the person you are looking at
This is the shadow of the person who appears and has not appeared previously
This is the shadow of the person
This is a shadow that looks like it is moving and appears suddenly but was already there before the appearance of the person
This is the person who can make the shadows move, move like something that is transparent, move like a soul or a mirror
This is the shadow that can make the person believe before disappearing
This is the shadow that can be made from any type of material
This is the person that can make the shadow from any type of material
This is a shadow that looks like a shadow made from a photograph, a photograph made of a person used to make a shadow person
This is the picture that makes a shadow person
This is the person that can place shadows on a piece of paper or on a wall of the house
This is your life story
This is your love story
This is your own life story
This is your own death story
This is your one thousand words
This is a love story
This is a story of a shadow person
This is your one thousand words
This is the story of love

This is the Identity