2017 Kansas City Poetry Throwdown

Videos of every reading here, in reverse order:


I may have some thoughts to put out later, but likely anything I’d write would be a variation of WOW! so I’ll probably just get back to the regularly scheduled programming here soon.

To all those that made it out, thanks for making the event fantastic.

To those that couldn’t make it: try harder next year!

2017 Kansas City Poetry Throwdown

Finding Zen in Cowtown: 30 poems about Kansas City

If yer in and about KC on 4/1:

Celebrate the kickoff of National Poetry Month by joining us for a reading of poetry about Kansas City at the beautiful, downtown Ilus Davis Park!

Spartan Press is so delighted to release “Finding Zen in Cow Town,” a book featuring the poems of thirty poets who live in and around Kansas City. This unique collection features poems by former Kansas Poet Laureate, Denise Low; co-founder of the Latino Writers Collective*, Jose Faus; inaugural Poet Laureate of 18th and Vine, Glenn North; and many more spoken word and poetry voices in our community.

It’s so moving to read poems which talk about local BBQ joints and sports teams, major intersections and highways, neighborhoods, public figures and the shared history of Kansas City citizens; this book is a true-blue dedication to our home, our City of Fountains, our Cowtown.


Finding Zen in Cowtown: 30 poems about Kansas City