R.I.P., N6MAA10816


More than a Fight

we had stepped outside
having finished dinner
our bellies so full
from fresh scallops and rum

before we’d left
there’d been some commotion
a young woman had entered
distressed and talking
about a giant white horse
bearing down upon us

but we didn’t mind
and got up to leave
we were outside
having just finished dinner
our children at home
alone by themselves

i was tapping my phone
when i heard my wife gasp
and beg me to look
toward the eastern horizon

there, in the distance
advancing toward us
was a galloping horse
and behind it striding
at a steady, brisk pace
gargantuan people
clothed in antiquity
a tornado between them
a storm of destruction
they were the heavens
come to show us the way

as the maelstrom moved forward
my wife did not run
but instead calmly walked
into the storm front
she said, “i am ready”
she said, “i am nothing”
she said, “i am willing”
she cried and she waited
for whatever was coming

i stared for a minute
in complete disbelief
a feeling of loss
before the world turned dark

all some people yearn for
is a natural violence
but that type of ending
never gave me much comfort

More than a Fight