Of Course

There’s more to this
than what our fickle free will
would have us believe.

Do we beat our own hearts?
Can we not hear the thunder outside?

You do
what you want
to see me do.

And if your mind sometimes
gets wrapped around it all,

Well…the birds fly.
The ocean waves.
The wind blows.
The mind minds.

Find people
who want for company,
not conspiracy.

In a reality
that is an unfolding
of course you’re gonna
change your mind.

You’re gonna change
your goddang everything!

Just look at someone
and it changes everything.

A sharp inhale
It’s all changed.
Of course.

The birds fly.
The ocean waves
The wind blows.
We are that WE ARE.

This life is filled
with love and indifference.
Of course,
of matter of course it is.

I want your company
so here,
this is my heart:
I put it in your hands
for safekeeping.
I trust you.

Of Course

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