Huron Cemetery Poems (V)

April 29, 2018


God, how I need the sun now.
I’m so weary of being indoors.
I’ve stopped wearing socks and shoes to the office.
I need to feel the worms, the shattered glass, the broken backs underneath my soft, bare feet.

I’ve disinvited myself to endless meetings, too.
Instead, I’ve taken up with sunshine,
         and the the vines that run up the trees,
                    and the tiny graves of infant humans,
and the old ways of telling time, of measuring progress,
of being a body.

I hear you scoff from an open window, “The old ways?! The old ways?!”
But you’re not thinking old enough.
You gotta get deeper.
You gotta remember the dead,
          remember the sun.
You gotta remember that hot light falling across your fat, tiny toes.
You gotta feel it, that hot light.
You gotta really feel it.

Huron Cemetery Poems (V)

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