Nothing says I love you

It was a moonless night
Not a star in the sky
No one around
But you...and I

On the back porch
Bathed in candlelight
Neighbors fast asleep
Dreams in their eyes

Our bellies full
From all that cabbage stew
Than a'rumblin' began
From that devil’s brew

Oh ...

I used to wonder what it'd take to prove this truth
I used to wonder how to make a mark
But now I know now how simple that it really is

Nothing says I love you 
like farting 
in the dark
Nothing says I love you

You’re Picking a Fight…and You’re Losing That Fight

Why hold them so tight?

Why not let them go into the wild world

for which they are not prepared?

Why argue their nation of smoke, mirrors?

Aided by machines into an early grave,

buried under rounds of unspent ammunition,

cameras at the ready,

revolution of righteous ignorance.

When the air clears,

the unshaved wave

returns home, confused, provisional victors,

keepers of a false faith.

When the police arrive,

they do not run.

This is because they

have never understood the luxury of choice.

You’re Picking a Fight…and You’re Losing That Fight

The coming confrontation between the American press and the Republican Party

The GOP is increasingly a minority party, or counter-majoritarian, as some political scientists put it. The beliefs and priorities that hold it together are opposed by most Americans, who on a deeper level do not want to be what the Republican Party increasingly stands for. A counter-majoritarian party cannot present itself as such and win elections in swing districts. So it has to be counterfactual too. It has to fight with fictions. Making it harder to vote, and harder to understand what the party is really about— these are two parts of the same project. The conflict with honest journalism is structural. To be its dwindling self the GOP has to also be at war with the press, unless of course the press folds under pressure.

The coming confrontation between the American press and the Republican Party

Things I Actually Liked about 2020

Not much. But –
I liked you, dear reader. I liked you a lot.
I liked the new records from Kelly Lee Owens, Tobacco, Childish Gambino and RTJ.
I liked being outside.
I liked working from home.
I liked finishing up the second isyouisorisyouaint album.
I liked working with Charlie Zero ( on the Sleep Sigil EP (
I liked getting to spend so much time with my wife and children.
I liked watching American football. This was a big surprise. I’ve never liked watching American football.
That’s about it, I guess. What a fuck of a year.

Things I Actually Liked about 2020

On the pleasures of being lied to

dreams of cinemas and churches and
where the people once were – empty
now we fill the spaces between spaces
countless coughs in crammed corridors
attentions misdirected by magic words
earth salted, unsowable
incongruous truths, convenience be damned
give me liberty or give us death
silver screens absent of light motions, horror worship

a patriot once whispered
upon her deathbed
to anyone listening,
still trying to understand
the things patriots say,
“you must know that
the child of freedom
is responsibility.
you must know that
freedom is a razor.”

On the pleasures of being lied to