The latest addition to my biking harem

Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce you to my new road bike, Amelia:


She joins my single-speed commuter, Ginger:

my first bike
(Ginger was born in 1994, folks, so show her some love. She’s been to Tsali and back. She’s fallen off the back of my Honda CRX while driving down Clinton Parkway. Quite frankly, she’s probably the reason I staved off a full-blown diabetic coma for so long. Don’t worry, Ginger. Amelia is not your replacement. She’s just here to provide a different kind of ride.)

and my M4 mountain bike, Betty:

i crush you

as having the fortune of being trapped under my sweaty groin for hours at a time.

Amelia’s an early birthday gift from my beautiful wife. Happy, crank-filled days ahead…

The latest addition to my biking harem

6 thoughts on “The latest addition to my biking harem

  1. There needs to be a single succinct word for “(moan of jealousy)”
    She’s a beauty, man.
    And Ginger may be well used and smell a little funny, and sometimes she’s got a bit of a limp, but’s Ginger.
    I remember picking that big-ass Raleigh up off the street along with my own purple powered Schwinn after the CRX incident. What a heart-wrenching moment that was.


  2. Holy Moly that’s a sweet ride! I broke out my MTB today for commuter-duty in anticipation of lots of rain. It’s got me chomping at the bit for some more sweet singletrack. Give me a week or two to adjust to life after emigration and we’ll hit SMP trails.


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