KC’s current claim to fame

We placed dead last for bike commuting.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. We are not a bike-friendly town. We’re not a pedestrian-friendly town. Perhaps this will change as time goes on and gas prices continue to rise. Perhaps all the paved trails will one day connect WyCo Lake to Longview. Perhaps we’ll see close tight the gaping maws of the gnarly grates that threaten skinny tires from the street gutters.

In the meantime, though, we just have to keep on riding and talking to folks about why we ride, letting them know bicycles are a safe, efficient, and cheap way to move about the city. Plus it makes your legs, arse, and abs strong like bull.

Did you hear that Sicko got leaked to the internets? I bet if you did a search using the google you’d find yourself a copy. (I am stoked to see it, having worked for years in insurance.)

KC’s current claim to fame

2 thoughts on “KC’s current claim to fame

  1. To say I’m not surprised would be a severe understatement. Although, I find it funny that some far more blighted cities didn’t take the honors. Are there really more bike commuters per capita in Detroit? Sheesh.

    On a side note, today I discovered why the Johnson County buses don’t get more riders. I left my new apartment in Lenexa on bike today as the bus whizzed by, and I got to my office 5 minutes after the same bus would have dropped me off. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.


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