so sarah sold her car

that means i’m biking to work…

…which i love…

…and needed more than i realized.

here’s my route. you can click it to go to the interactive page.

bike it, beyatch

ro’s got 5 teeth. two on the bottom. 3 up top. missing one front tooth. kinda looks like a hillbilly vampire when he smiles. he’s getting real close to walking. he can’t yet recite hamlet’s soliloquy, but i’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

can you believe it’s almost summer? remember what we were doing this time last year?

so sarah sold her car

9 thoughts on “so sarah sold her car

  1. Looks like a fun ride! You just work a few blocks away from me (10th and Central). We should grab lunch at Planet Sub or Lulu’s some time.

    I have to ask, though, where you get Coffee in this town. I can’t find anything worth actually paying for out here.


  2. i’m definitely down for lunch sometime, noah.

    actually, if any of you downtown bloggers wanna work toward a monthly blogger lunch – we can grab lunch to go somewhere and then grab a seat in a park – i’m down.

    emaw, the ride’s a little over 6 miles. and it’s a beauty of a route, quiet, low traffic…lots of interesting smells.


  3. Noah, check out the Broadway Cafe & Roasterie. ( )
    We moved away from KC last fall and my wife and I have been going crazy trying to find something as good as Broadway here in Portland.

    And dammit, Jay. I think you just inspired me to start making a 10 mile bike commute to school instead of just the 10 minute bike ride to the train…or driving.

    Thank you.


  4. Noah – Since you mentioned some restaurants down on the blvd, I’d suggest Coffee Girls on SW Blvd. I’m not sure where they get their beans, but they’re typically pretty dang good on a sluggish morning.
    Also, Dunn Bros. Coffee. It’s a chain yeah, but it’s not a big chain. And — get this, they roast their own. Best iced coffee (and I ain’t talkin no sissy-ass-frappaccino-corn-syrup-fest ‘iced coffee’) in town besides Caribou Coffee on Shawnee Mission Pkwy.


  5. I love broadway Cafe, but I work at about 10th and Central. That’s a bit of a haul to get some morning coffee, even by bike. Coffee Girls is also a little far out of the way to go from work on a “I need coffee” whim unless it’s lunch time. It would make a nice stop on my way in when I ride all the way from Lenexa though. I haven’t actually stopped there for drinkage. I couldn’t care less about brewed coffee, I press my own when I get to work. After a good ride, though, a well-prepared artery-clogging Mocha really hits the spot for some reason.

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys 🙂 Sorry to hijack the comments.


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