Evening Persons

Rendered lucid in the giddy light*
The mind awakes to fecund fields of unbound thought,
To become one sacred Truth, against a temporal plight,
From which all this world seems so dearly wrought.

Now as a witness underneath this setting sun,
While that star breathes its closing rays upon the land,
They watch as good, and truth, and beauty’s wills be done,
Appearing now to fade as ocean waves across the sand.

In the mind and in the heart, the sacred and the profane live.
In the mind and in the heart, forevermore they stay.
In the dreams of dreaming dreams, is where they wait to give
Their dreams some lasting memories of minds and hearts at play.

So let the giddy, lucid light of day darkly depart,
For in the dusky mind there lives a still, forever spark.


Evening Persons

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