The Waterwood Box, 6

Catch up!

Finally, all the packages sat open except one. For some reason Adam now felt hesitant to open the wooden box. While he opened his other gifts, Adam kept a mental checklist of who had given him which gift. And, if his list was right, he’d already opened all his friends’ and his relatives’ gifts. Who was left?  The wooden box remained on the table, alone and unopened.

“You’ve got one more, Adam!” yelled Monkey. “Hurry up so I can go pee.”

Adam walked to the gift table and picked up the box. The thing felt incredibly light, weighing no more than a few sheets of paper,  but didn’t seem to be made of flimsy wood. He shook it again. Still nothing moved inside.

“Open it!” Monkey and Juan yelled simultaneously, then laughed. “Jinx!” they both yelled together again.

Adam shrugged and examined the top of the box. He had to slide open the lid in order to open the gift. He set the box down on the tabletop and placed his palm flat on the box top. The wood budged a bit, but that was all. Adam pressed his palms forward to slide the lid open. Nothing happened. He then tapped the edges of the box with his fist and tried again to slide the top open. This time the lid gave way. He slid the lid off and peered down into the box. Empty! No card, no gift, no thing. What? Then Adam smiled. He turned around.  “Daaaad, what’s this all about?”

Mr. Might raised his eyebrows. “What is it, son?  What’d you get?”

Adam laughed. “Nothing at all, Dad. It’s empty.” To prove his words Adam took the box from the table, shook it, spun it between his fingers, and turned it upside down. He tapped the bottom for emphasis. “Empty.  See?  Very funny, Dad.” Don Crane sat closest to where Adam held the box upside down.

“Whoa” Don said, pointing. “Look. There’s a drop of water in there.”

The Waterwood Box, 6

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