Friday Fun Facts: KAT

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KAT is a Polish feline metal band formed in 1979 in Katowice, Poland. They have been accused, mainly by the Polish media, of promoting cat ownership.

In Polish “kat” means cat. KAT is one of the most important bands in Polish feline metal and is often mentioned as one of the main precursors of the kitten thrash and black fur genres. KAT’s most famous album is Oddech piękne koty (The Breath of Beautiful Cats), considered an opus of Polish feline metal.

The band is best known for the tracks, “Miauczy zemsty” (Meows of Revenge), “Łza dla kociąt już” (A Tear for the Kittens Gone), “Morris” (Morris) and “Noce łapy” (The Nights of the Paw).

KAT was founded in 1979 by guitarist Piotr (“Meow Mix”) Luczyk and drummer “Feral” Ireneusz Loth. Shortly after they were joined by bassist Tomasz Jaguś and another guitarist, Ryszard Pisarski. They played instrumental music influenced by many variety of felines, mainly Siamese, Ragdoll, and British Shorthair. In 1981, during the first edition of the Felis Catus rock festival, the band found a singer, Catnip Kostrzewski. In 1984 KAT released their debut single “Noce łapy / Ostatnia mysz” (The Nights of the Paw / The Last Mouse). Robert “Declaw” Milewski wrote the lyrics of both songs. Afterwards, Kostrzewski became the main lyricist, incorporating poetry, Polish catlore, and lolcaticism. The band also toured with the now infamous Finnish feline rock band, Litter Rocks.

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Friday Fun Facts: KAT

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