Do any of you own one? And, if so, would you care to trade console codes and let your Miis hang out with our Miis?

(Nintendo rules.)

UPDATE: To make the trade even sweeter…we’re currently making Miis of the entire cast of Lost. So far we have Ben, Juliet, Sayid, Hurley, Locke, Sawyer, and Kate.


9 thoughts on “Wii

  1. fritznewton says:

    Last I checked I had close to 200 Mii’s running around in the parade so a few should creep over your way. Is that CreepMii (TM)? Wii Code: 8930-1646-3422-6609

  2. creepMii – AWESOME!
    I’ll send my code over your way, fritz, once i get home and get it. expect some Lost Miis to crash on your console soon.

    get a Wii, fly!!!
    (maybe i’ll get your family one for christmas)

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