TexMeXmas – Save the Date

Unfortunately, October is so busy for us we can’t pull off another horror film fest. Next year though….plan on it…plan on it being bigger and better.

We’re planning well ahead this year, however, to ensure TexMeXmas goes off well. So, save this date: Saturday, Dec 1, for all your chilli cook-off needs. More details forthcoming. This is just an early warning.

TexMeXmas – Save the Date

3 thoughts on “TexMeXmas – Save the Date

  1. flyingdodo says:

    I know the odds are slim, but what are the chances of pushing the party up a weekend?
    We’ll be in town for thanksgiving, the 21st thru 27th.
    I mean, it is dodo’s chili…
    of course, you’d probably have to rename the party as “thankschiling”.
    Or something.

  2. Mrs. Fly Dodo says:

    This is a conspiracy to keep my vegetarian chili from beating Sa Rah AGAIN….you got away withit one year but @ years now?? Bullocks I say!

    ….I still love both of you though.

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