Late Night Theatre is no more.

It’s a sad, sad day in Kansas City…


8 thoughts on “Outrage.

  1. Hi Jason,

    Sorry to drop this in a random comment box, but I didn’t see an email address…

    I’m hoping you can help me… I’m looking for someone that knows the Kansas City indie rock scene, and I’m hoping you might be interested (or know someone who is interested) in a freelance writing opportunity.

    I work for a company called 80108 Media, and we’re building a network of in-the-know people to keep our subscribers informed of the best under-the-radar events in a particular city. We are looking for a writer to craft text messages on a weekly basis for our Kansas City Indie Rock channel. We offer competitive pay.

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me at myoung@80108.com. If you know someone else who might be a good match for this opportunity, please pass this message on.

    Our site will soon live at http://www.80108.com, but you can check out a “beta” version of our service at http://www.pingpress.com.

    Thanks for your time!


  2. Dunno, my man. A friend drove by their space and saw a “For Lease” sign. That friend e-mail a friend of Ron’s who said it was done. Their website hasn’t been updated with any info.


  3. David Wayne Reed says:

    It’s true guys. Thanks for the support for all the 10 years. It’s been a ball
    (a tucked-under ball)and without ya’ll it wouldn’t have happened for so long.
    Serious love to everyone who has ever supported us.


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