Great Preutopia Media Unloading of 2007

That title is another way to say this:

This Saturday, January 13th, from noon until 6, you and yours and anyone you wanna send this to are invited to come to our house to rummage through a ton of media we are getting rid of. (And by “getting rid of” I mean “giving away” in some instances and “selling” in others.) So here’s what’s on the chopping block:

Books – a SHITE-TON. We’re giving these away. Bring a box and load up. Sarah and I were both English majors. I minored in Philosophy and her studies had a healthy dose of post-modernism, feminism and cultural studies (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, dear).

Comics and Graphic Novels – more than you can shake a stick at. Graphic Novels are a buck a piece and the comics are give-aways. Great for senior citizens.

CDs – We don’t have too many of these to unload (you’ll recall I digitized our collection in ’05 and then sold most all of them), but what we do have you can go through and buy for a buck a piece.

3 framed Clive Barker printsThe Diver, The Freudian and The Parisian. 10 bucks a pop or all 3 for 20 bones. [SOLD]

1 Djembe hand drum – 20 bucks. [SOLD]

1 Mind Machine – This is such a cool freakin’ toy. Fly Guy, come buy it. 5 bucks. (Something akin to the items sold here, just an older model.)

1 Fender Squire Straight Electric Guitar (White and Green) with Soft Case and Squire Champ 15 amp – Perfect first guitar for the young punk in your life. 50 bucks cash on the barrel head.

[Just added] Simpsons Collectible Figures – All from the 1st series of the Interactive Springfield Collection, still in packaging. Homer, Bart, Nelson, Flanders, Wiggum, Barney and the Police Station Environment with Officer Eddie. 3 bucks each or 15 for all.

Ok, I think that’s it. If you’re thinking about dropping by, and you don’t know where we live, e-mail me at jason dot preu at gmail dot com.

Great Preutopia Media Unloading of 2007

12 thoughts on “Great Preutopia Media Unloading of 2007

  1. sarah says:

    i’m keeping the psychoanalysis and lit theory stuff. for the most part. you might find some errant titles in the book conrucopia however.

    and most of the feminism stuff.
    I mean, I don’t want Roman learning that on the streets, or worse yet from awful adjuncts.


  2. Oana says:

    hmmmm…. comic books…. I happen to know a certain someone who collects them. I might be able to take those off your hands if I must.


  3. FlyGuy says:

    DUDE!!! You know I have to have the Clive prints!!! THey will go nicely in the babies room:) No really I want all 3.

    As for the Mind thingy is that the glasses you had in the Tri-Plex in L-Town?


  4. shan – 12″ head, 24″ in height.

    fly – the prints are yours. come pick ’em up. i have your ‘plucker’ book too! and yeah, those are the dream glasses i’m letting loose into the world.


  5. DUDE! CRAP!
    i’ve been waitin’ for this moment for like ten years, jay.

    um…can you take a pic or two of your bookshelf(ves) and dvd’s?
    I’ll zoom in and let ya know. 🙂


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