Holly Jolly Whatnot

homemade christmas sweater

As my Christmas gift to you, I’ve put together a compilation featuring some of my favorite moozik from 2006. If you want a copy, shoot your mailing address to: jason (dot) preu (at) gmail. 21 tracks, 78 minutes. (If you don’t want to send me your mailing address out of fear that I’ll mail you powdered scurvy…just leave a comment and we’ll work it out.)

R.I.P. James Brown.

[Update: And, if you simply want to browse my ‘Best Of’ mix, it’s been posted over at KC’s best music site: patchchord.com]

Holly Jolly Whatnot

One thought on “Holly Jolly Whatnot

  1. sarah says:

    my favorite piece of news misc from the past few days: the image of james brown’s coffin being drawn by white horse in a funeral carriage with his shiny 24 karat gold coffin inside. and a somber man lolding a RIP Jame Brown sign that looked like a picket sign.

    James Brown
    RIP 2006
    He couldn’t take no mo’.


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