Chili Results

Best Chili With Dead Animals:

Shannon’s “Ozark Hillbilly Chili”

Best Veggie Chili:

Chris G’s “Sweet Potato Chili”

Most Likely to Induce Flatulence:

There was a 3-way tie…so, we ended up giving the award instead to Amber’s While Chili, which somehow got a vote for Best Veggie (though it had chicken) and Best Meat.

Thanks to everyone who made it out. We didn’t have quite the madness of last year’s MeX-mas, but the chilis this year were high caliber creations.

Chili Results

7 thoughts on “Chili Results

  1. Sa Rah….what happened girl?? You didn’t have all the secret
    ingredients did you?…we’re making a special trip back to KC
    just for this cook-off especially since it all started because
    of you and Dodo…


  2. sarah says:

    yeah – i didn’t even attempt the pirated recipe from last year’s winnner JAVAGIRL – –

    i couldn’t do it because a) i didnt’ remember all of the goodness you packed in that little pot b) i didn’t have time (long story about Empire carpet, anyone thinking about using them to install carpet ask me firswt)

    so, ultimately, i was shamed ONCE AGAIN on my home turf. I didn’t even have a clear victory on the most likely to induce flatulence front this year. 😦 ah well, i’ve grown complacent and this is just enough to stir the fire of competition for next year. Woe be unto thee next year’s challengers, for I will be working all year on a successful recipe.

    oh, and this year’s veggie winner: also more of a stew than a chili, but we won’t split hairs ;).


  3. Unofficially, I’ve always thought that chili wasn’t chili unless it had ground meat in it.
    So, LET’s split hairs.

    “CHILI – noun
    1. ground meat and chili peppers or chili powder often with tomatoes and kidney beans”

    “Some people consider vegetarian chili to be a spicy vegetable stew, and not chili.”

    So, while I know you can make a mean veggie chili, and I’m sure the other contestants all had excellent veggie chili’s, they’re really all just spicy stews with beans and chili powder.

    (in other words, i’m really bitter that i wasn’t able to be there for a chili cookoff.)


  4. sarah says:

    touche, dodo. touche.

    and yes, you missed out bigtime this year. jes would’ve had a run for her money
    from the sweet potato vote. it would’ve been a really close call.

    come to think of it, she should make me some her prize-winner veggie chilistew and ship it to kc to jog my memory ( 😛 yum )


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