How it be?

Here at Preutopia, things are well. Busier than ever before, but all well and good.
Sarah’s upstairs feeding Ro-Dog.
I’m in the dungeon ID’ing songs and sipping on some hot tea. We both caught a bug this week that dropped us for a day. Ro’s been fussy so we’re thinking he caught that shit too. Buggers.

We haven’t been out and about doing anything. I’m working 10-7 and Sarah’s driving down to Olathe after she gets off work so we both get home about 7:15 and the rest of the weeknights are spent cleaning house and getting Roman prepped for bed. Generally, the past few weekends we’ve just been so cashed out we’ve done nada save watch some flicks or bum around the house. Speaking of which, I have some recent recommendations for all you party people:

1 – Sam Harris’s The End of Faith. Thanks to Chris G., I finally got a copy of this book and devoured it in a week. I can’t remember the last time I read a book so fast. So, Chris, in answer to your question, this book is worth your time and attention. (Same goes for all you other bad muthas.)

2 – 30 Rock. Holy Tracy Morgan! is this a great show. I’m glad there’s a comedy fitting enough to cover the humor hole left in absence of Arrested Development.

3 – Heroes. I’m digging. I mean, it’s the X-Men, so I’m all about it. But, the cliff-hanger pacing works just well enough to make sure I DVR this mug on the regular. It’s not a great show…and it’s not all that original…but it’s a good way to kill 40 minutes.

4 – Beer. This is nothing new. I just wanted to give a shout out.

5 – The Roots’, Game Theory. This group is always on point. (Even though I think I saw Black Thought on a GAP ad.)

6 – IE7. I didn’t think I’d ever go back to using Internet Explorer. But…I had to start testing it for work and I really like the app thus far. It’s nothing that Firefox hadn’t already done, but it’s such a major upgrade from IE6…

7 – Queensryche. WHAT? Just kidding.

8 – The Blood Brothers’, Young Machetes. Rock, rock and mo’ rock that will destroy your earholes.

9 – The Harder They Come Soundtrack. The harder they fall, one and all. This soundtrack is a beauty.

10 – BORAT!!! Good lord, we hurt so bad from laughing after this flick. Go. It’s only like 80 minutes.

I’ll get some new photos of Romie the Homie up this week. In the meantime, you can check some pro photos of him here:
In the “Album Passcode” field type in “awesome”. That should get you in.

How it be?

16 thoughts on “How it be?

  1. B. says:

    What up yo. Nice pics and album by The Blood Brothers…very off the wall…it’s nice for a change. What else you been listening to? I just got Live In Flint by Clutch…what else…Mars Volta Amputechture…


  2. i like that mars volta.
    i’ve been listening to a lot of darkwave lately: covenant, wolfsheim, executive slacks, fields of the nephilim, clan of xymox…and on and on. maybe someday we will make it out to some shows again. are you going to the faint?


  3. B. says:

    I think I should be able to go…I need to remember to ask for that day off…12/15 and close on 12/16…right.

    Treva is very interested in the whole soup kitchen idea…and she never gets interested in anything! She’s never really figured out what she wants to do, but I’ve been telling to her to take some cooking classes…she loves to cook, very good at it even. So, good idea, Preu’s.


  4. scoville says:

    Yo J,

    If you ever get the chance, you MUST go see The Fountain.

    I would offer to babysit to give you two the opportunity, but I don’t think I have the time.


  5. Oannie says:

    say no to Borat Jason, just say no! Haven’t you heard about the poor Romanians? And this is coming from a former fan of Da Ali G show. I might be biased, being Romanian and all, but I don’t think Borat is funny, poor Romanians or not.

    I couldn’t agree more with you on Heroes and Arrested Development, I loooved that show.


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