Back in time

Last night, at the movies about to watch For Your Consideration (I hope to see The Fountain soon…), when I stumble upon this…the most coolest thing ever. (I don’t think it really is the ACTUAL car…but in my awe…):

The movie was fun.
The car made my day.

Back in time

7 thoughts on “Back in time

  1. Momma Balmsquad says:

    I love when I see that car! Of course we honk and wave and the guy just grins and waves back. Once we were on the highway and I was hoping he’d disappear and leave a trail of flames, but so far no luck..

  2. I once had my day made when an awesome replica KITT rolled past me in a mall parking lot in Houston. It was complete with the scanner on front, the probably illegal gull wing steering wheel and plenty of cool looking lights on the inside. Someday when I have money…

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