Listen of the Week: Kristin Kontrol

Kristin Kontrol, X-Communicate

The title track brings out most clearly the krautrock influence that Gundred flirts with throughout the album, with the guitar only ever being used for colour and punctuation. In fact, if there’s one key thread linking these songs together – other than the consistently strident vocals, easily her most confident to date – it’s the percussion, the thumping electronic beats that dictate the pace throughout.


Listen of the Week: Kristin Kontrol

2 thoughts on “Listen of the Week: Kristin Kontrol

  1. I really dug Dum Dum Girls and am pleased to see how this project turned out – love those bands that are wanting to explore 80s new-wave vibe.

    That’s not my music criticism, though. That’s an excerpt from the loud and quiet link posted. 🙂

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