Friday Fun Facts: DebConf

Did ya know…?

DebConf is the yearly conference where ladies (and/or gents) named Deborah, Debbie, Deb, Debora, Debby, Debra, and the like meet to discuss further development of their names.

Besides the scheduled workshops and talks*, DebConf attendees take the opportunity to hack the root name Deborah in a more informal setting. Last year resulted in Devorah, Debrah, Debbruh, and Dehbee. This has been institutionalized by introducing DebCamp in the Atlanta DebConf in 2010: a room is set aside and all permutations of Deborah are tweaked.

*Partial list of past DebConf workshops and talks:

Deborah 101 – A Practical Look
Complex Tools of Deborah Mining
Lifewalk: The Deborah’s Journey
Recipes For Becoming a Top Deborah
Fully Deborah, Fully Divine
Positive Reinforcements For the Deborahs in Your Life
4 Debs on Deborah: Debbing the Deb To Deb the Most Deborah Deb
Mastering your Deb: The Powerful Deborah Within You


…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: DebConf

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