Way Back Whensday

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Way Back Whensday. I started this series as a reminder to listen to older records. What I ended up doing was just making myself hyperaware of how quickly time passes. And I’ve grown to dislike that feeling of being sucked down into a vortex of remembrances. Nevertheless, it continues.

Due to the nature in how I’ve broken up the years in previous entries (5,10,20-year marks), 2012’s Way Back Whensdays will only feature songs from the 5 and 20-year marks: 1992 and 2007. And, come October (the actual anniversary month of the first Way Back Whensday), I’ll bring this series to a close. Thanks for entering the vortex with me.

5 years ago:

20 years ago:

Way Back Whensday

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