Holiday in Preutopia, Day 1: Oklahoma

I’m up at 5. We were up until midnight the night before, packing and loading. I finish loading, burn some music to CD, and run upstairs to wake Hot Pants and the kids. One last minute check to make sure we’ve got everything (and it seems like we’ve got EVERYthing) and we’re off. Sarah’s Pop got her a GPS for her birthday – tomorrow, for those who wish to harass her – and we plug in the coordinates for the Oklahoma City Zoo and roll. Goddamn, GPSeseses are awesome. Why did we not have one of these things before?
We stop 3 times on the way to OKC for bathroom breaks and general-get-the-kids-out-and-stretch breaks.
The Flint Hills are absolutely breathtaking this time of year.
The OK zoo is OK. Their tiger forest was real bitchin’. Their aquarium was pretty lackluster, and their elephants were M.I.A. And it was hot! Like 1 million degrees. We lasted about 3 hours and were out.
Back on the road.
Our overnight spot to rock is the Days Inn in Clinton, OK. It’s Sunday night in small-town, Oklahoma. Not much is open. Good thing we brought our own beer.
It takes over an hour to get the kids to sleep. Ro’s pretty good, just antsy being somewhere new. Bebe ain’t having the shit. I pat her bottom for 10 minutes, she’s quiet. I stop, she rolls over, laughs, and grabs my nose. 45 minutes later and I’m wondering who’s gonna win, she or I, and she’s out. Ro’s out. Hot Pants is typing for work and telling me about the church shooting today. Our hotel is overrun by college-aged kids and they’re living it up at the pool: right outside our window. I have a theory that they are all actually locals and this is their Sunday night ritual: to pitch in and get a room and a keg and have hotel pool parties. I think I heard some Russians in the lobby, talking on their cell phones and looking at Russian Facebook on a community PC.
I’m typing and my back hurts and it’s time for bed.
Tomorrow, Albuquerque.

Holiday in Preutopia, Day 1: Oklahoma

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