Yep. We’re here…just working and living.

Ro’s 7 and 1/2 months old. Got his first tooth yesterday.

ro and breeze

So here’s a cool story: the other day Sarah sends me an e-mail that says “I’ve got a surprise for you when we get home.” I’m thinking, “Sweet. She’s picking up some cupcakes.”


She walks in the back door with a blow gun and we take turns blowing darts into our back door.

So don’t try to sneak in our house at night. You might get a poison-tipped dart in your eye.


7 thoughts on “Alive

  1. Kid’s looking great, man. He’s got your hair.
    And Breeze has gotten so big! Holy crap!

    Dude, blow darts rock. Hopefully she keeps upgrading; shuriken, smoke bombs, climbing claws. Eventually, you’ll have the full-on ninja rig, complete with the portable zipline shot from a giant crossbow. I mean, if anybody lives in a zipline-friendly neighborhood, it’s you guys.

  2. DUDE!!!! My “ninjia” (spelled correctly… google it) are beyond you meer mortals… Funny story I had to buy 2 jock straps just last Thursday… without cup insert. (true story)

    Dodo how would you know… all that time you lived with me you never woke up… and I mean NEVER!

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