Pull out your old, dusty rap tapes

 This is a list of albums that I’ve love for you to copy for me cause I’m broke:

Too Short: Born To Mack; Life Is…; Short Dog’s in the House; Shorty the Pimp
King Tee: At Your Own Risk
Schoolly D: Am I Black Enough For You?
UTFO: Lethal
Boogie Down Productions: Criminal Minded
America’s Most Wanted: Criminals (I think this was only released on cassette and I’ve only met a few people who ever heard this album – some classic Oakland/East Bay rap – I don’t know how the hell some kid in Willow Springs, MO got a hold of it.)
Geto Boys: Self-Titled
DJ Quik: Quik is the Name
2nd II None: Self-Titled
The Pharcyde: Bizarre Ride 2 the Pharcyde
Snow: 12 Inches of Snow (just kidding)

Pull out your old, dusty rap tapes

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