24 in 24 – Hour 10


“All against always Being at all Time always”
Clear as mud so we close the book
and look elsewhere for wisdom.

We look in the attic amongst boxed-away treasures.
We look in the basement where the black mold grows.
We look in the tool shed where we keep our good measures.
We look in the closet where the naked folks clothe.

Did we find it?
Do we have time?
I have to exercise now.
It keeps my blood sugar normal.
I’m writing and writing and going insane.
Time to put down the pen
and look elsewhere for wisdom.

I looked in the heavens, birthplace of all crime
and I found Father Time singing soft songs sublime.
He sang songs with allusion and songs of illusion.
He sang in third-person sad songs of confusion.
He sang in perfect meter and in simple rhyme.
He sang, “Father Time couldn’t stop thinking about time.”
24 in 24 – Hour 10