The Book of Wet Water

At the age of 206, 
I was on the verge 
of completing my dissertation, 
but my inner voice got sick of it, 
and would no longer
engage in working on the problem
of writing for credit.

My inner voice told me 
I had knowledge abuse problems.
My inner voice threatened court, 
and once even forced me
to the local gaol to scare me straight.

Then I met The Book of Wet Water.
Its dense pages spun a yarn
of everything
going to the sea,
then to the sky,
and back to the dirt again.

It showed me I wouldn’t land in prison, 
but might lose my senses for a while. 
I might not be able to feel the blank wall 
I use to navigate the library when the lights are out.
I might stop smelling the burnt-almond-
tinged-scent of earthly existence.
I might stop tasting the lack
of programmed punctuation.

All the years trapped behind books 
and it took this book 
to illuminate these dark, gloomy times
when the poor sleep to death
under hazy, grey heavens
bereft of fine, feathered friends.

People like me stopped using electricity 
to power our reading lamps
and learned to focus starlight instead.
The government funds no schools here.
People are tired. People are sick. People are wondering.
People should meet The Book of Wet Water.
People wrote The Book of Wet Water.
People have to go in and make a difference.
People have to go out and make a difference.
People have to go in and then go back out.

The Book of Wet Water

Where the wind meets the pixel is a song like the ocean

“Where the four winds meet
I hope to find you
Where the cliffs drop
I pray to leave you
Where the clouds erupt
You will see the key”

That is the only song by a particular songwriter

And when that song comes in…

For many people, songs are very important,

Especially if it’s their song playing on the radio.

For those of us who never understood the popular music…it can feel _______________________________.

But it also feels strange.

Don’t let it be one of those songs that fails to get you out of bed in the morning.

Let your song be one that keeps you off the streets and helps you from getting lost in the world; that stops you from running away and not thinking about tomorrow.

An ocean before you. Around you.

Sky above.

This is that feeling that you receive from a music.

Where the wind meets the pixel is a song like the ocean