Manifesto 1918/2008 (Lowermodern)

Poisonous sadness
Mark of abstraction

Destroy the drawers of the brain
and social organisation
Sow demoralisation everywhere

The universe is a fertile wheel and you are

                                                                      its fantasy

Ideals and knowledge and boom-boom-boom-boomboom

Relativize your rationality

Thought is a fine thing for philosophy
Psychoanalysis a dangerous disease
Dialectic systemizing the bourgeoise

Against all systems and slimy objectivity
Everything isn’t in order

There is nothing ultimate
No thing ultimate
This is it this is it this is it

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Lowermodern)

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Gunshot End)

Every object, all objects, feelings and obscurities.
Every apparition and the precise shock of parallel lines are means for the battle.

Respect all individualities in their folly of the moment,
whether serious, fearful, timid, ardent, vigorous,
decided or enthusiastic.

Any offensive or loving thought

It’s all precisely the same thing

Precisely the same thing

Free, free, free: liberty
Contradictions resolved: life

Free to live
You are free to live


Manifesto 1918/2008 (Gunshot End)

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Spontaneitation)

Do not give a damn

Licking the twilight, floating…
In a mouth filled with honey and shit
Every action a vanity
Measured against eternity

But art but art but art
Don’t hurt nobody
But art but art but art
Private and incomprehensible

We have done violence to the sniveling tendencies
     in our nature

What we need is strength
What we need is precision
What we need are works
     which will be forever misunderstood

Logic is – a complication
Feels soooooo good
Illusions for conclusions
Logic kills by asphyxiation

Everyone must shout:
“There is a great destruction to be done!”

Destroy your morals!
Destroy your logic!
Destroy your art!
Let lucid goodness shine through!
Dada Manifesto:

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Spontaneitation)

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Rebirth of Tzara)

The love of novelty is a pleasant sort of cross;
A passive, positive sign
Now I write this manifesto to show you can perform
Contrary actions at the same time

Neither for nor neither against
I will not explain myself because I hate common sense

A sensitivity can’t be built on the basis of a word
Art shouldn’t be beauty, per se
“Know thyself” is utopian but maliciously acceptable
“Love thy neighbor” pure hypocrisy.

I always speak about myself ’cause I don’t wanna convince
I will not explain myself because I hate common sense

Theories, academies, laboratories
We stopped accepting long, long ago
This work neither specifies nor does it define
Instead it zeroes out the ego

I can’t moralize this categorical dance
I will not explain myself because I hate common sense.

Every piece should explode with profound gravity, vortex,
Vertigo, staggering absurdity

& Staggering Absurdity
& Staggering Absurdity

Tristan Tzara:

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Rebirth of Tzara)