They’ll Say You’re Scared

Maybe you wanna run away.
Maybe you think the river can hold you.

The pain’s here and it’s there, too.
Sometimes reality is simply not on your side.

Sometimes, they want you the most.
Sometimes, they ask you the most.
Sometimes, you beg them the least.

And that’s when they’ll say you’re scared, when you’re begging the least.
They’ll say you’re scared while handing over a shiny, sharp knife which you may use to pick your dirty teeth clean.

They will go, the things you needed, the things you wanted.
They will go on without you by their side.
It’s easy to explain in poetry because it’s true.

They’ll Say You’re Scared

Implied Volatility

the only thing that matters 
is the price that you’ll pay. 
But do you want it that bad?

The other big problem 
is how you will deal with it
once you have it
right where you want it.

It becomes all about you
once I let it go.
The most important thing
in this transaction
is how to deal with it
once you have it.

Once you accept the terms
and bring it home…
will your fruit stay fresh? 
Will your closets remain clean?

It will have power in the home.
It might make your mother violent.
It could shorten pet lifespans.
It may lead to heart conditions.

Are you feeling sick even now?
Is there a hospital you trust?
What do you consult when times are tough?
Has anyone ever been able to help?

That will be the situation 
once you have it.
You’ll say, “I have made up my mind.
It’s a free country…”
And then, in all likelihood,
you’ll have it
right where you want it.

Implied Volatility

What The Things Are Doing

The bumblebees are clapping
For they did not have to go

And the butterflies are laughing
Because they spent all of their dough

The raspberries stay so skinny
All bundled up in lies

The cherries lack good spelling
“Vodka lemonade!” they cry

The loveseats come with crooked teeth
To nibble on your heels

While the strollers irk the innocent
Rolling by on stubborn wheels

Your eyes twist up your mindful face
In a funny, frittered way

And your tongue trips over wedding cake
Every second, song-filled day

What The Things Are Doing