Manifesto 1918/2008 (Spontaneitation)

Do not give a damn

Licking the twilight, floating…
In a mouth filled with honey and shit
Every action a vanity
Measured against eternity

But art but art but art
Don’t hurt nobody
But art but art but art
Private and incomprehensible

We have done violence to the sniveling tendencies
     in our nature

What we need is strength
What we need is precision
What we need are works
     which will be forever misunderstood

Logic is – a complication
Feels soooooo good
Illusions for conclusions
Logic kills by asphyxiation

Everyone must shout:
“There is a great destruction to be done!”

Destroy your morals!
Destroy your logic!
Destroy your art!
Let lucid goodness shine through!
Dada Manifesto:

Manifesto 1918/2008 (Spontaneitation)