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9m ago, it was just a jellyfish.
12m ago, he took her right hand and continued but
21m ago,  where, in the end,
28m ago, in the future, trucks could run on poop.

32m ago, an IBM 7094 was the first computer to sing,
“42m ago, all the people that I tagged as friends and
52m ago, you made me feel safe, I never felt like I was alone!”
56m ago, a clutch unchaperoned.

57m ago, with most of the rich kids cowering in the airport…
1h ago, is this a painting?
1h ago, perhaps my perspective will change.
1h ago, die with glory!


With thankful eyes to:

Eyes + Words
Exponential Epigram
Jason Weisberger
Frank Solanki
Man of many thoughts
Moly, The Hodge and The Podge or vice versa
Rob Beschizza
mopana, look around!
sarahylockwood, The Critiquing Chemist

Poem Found in My WordPress Feed