Implied Volatility

the only thing that matters 
is the price that you’ll pay. 
But do you want it that bad?

The other big problem 
is how you will deal with it
once you have it
right where you want it.

It becomes all about you
once I let it go.
The most important thing
in this transaction
is how to deal with it
once you have it.

Once you accept the terms
and bring it home…
will your fruit stay fresh? 
Will your closets remain clean?

It will have power in the home.
It might make your mother violent.
It could shorten pet lifespans.
It may lead to heart conditions.

Are you feeling sick even now?
Is there a hospital you trust?
What do you consult when times are tough?
Has anyone ever been able to help?

That will be the situation 
once you have it.
You’ll say, “I have made up my mind.
It’s a free country…”
And then, in all likelihood,
you’ll have it
right where you want it.

Implied Volatility